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It is a great time for business people who have sufficient capital to think about what financially profitable business can be opened to develop their status in the EU. After all, this is an opportunity to get two benefits at once:

to globally strengthen your financial condition;

to provide yourself or your family with guaranteed European citizenship. In the first case, the consistently high world position of the Union will work, in the second – preferential conditions for immigrating investors.

Advantages of European business

Successful businessmen who have decided to open a company in Europe will have several privileges at once:

  • Business immigration – simplified schemes for obtaining a residence permit by business people with the subsequent assignment of citizenship to them.
  • The emergence of free access to world markets, and contracts with large, developed partners.
  • Substantial tax bonuses for small and medium-sized businesses, which the European economy carefully protects.
  • Besides, the European Union allows for the implementation of the most daring, advanced ideas, which enables enterprising, talented people to grow not only financially, but also intellectually.

Business visas in Europe

For everyone who enters the EU from the Eastern states (except Japan, Singapore, and some other countries in the Southeast), Schengen visas are required. Those arriving for business purposes must apply for special business visas.

However, it is important not to confuse their types here.

  • a business visa, which ensures stay in European as well as British lands, is required for those who come as part of international cooperation between two enterprises from different countries;
  • an investment visa or an investor visa is issued by persons planning to invest in the local economy by launching their business project.

The first variety is designed for a temporary stay with Europeans, the second – lays the foundation for full-fledged immigration. It is its presence that allows, over time, to issue a residence permit, and then, if all the established requirements are met, to obtain citizenship.

What will be the successful business in Europe?

The most demanded services among residents of the Old World are small services aimed at improving the quality of life. Therefore, it is best to start with a medium-sized business, designed for a mass audience. Some statistics are showing the most popular spheres of influence in European markets in recent years.

According to her, in the coming years, the top investors in the business, covering:

medical household appliances:

  • modern EU residents pay great attention to their health, therefore they do not spare funds for various medical devices for home use – digital blood pressure monitors, glucometers, quartz irradiators, testers, electric devices, advanced analyzers of the state of the body;
  • information and communication services: the rapid automation of life requires a large number of specialists in the sale and maintenance of communication digital equipment – mobile gadgets, telephones, faxes, computers, household or office fast communication lines;
  • construction sector: a direction that is profitable at all times and in any territory.

By the way, construction companies established in European countries are the most prosperous and wealthy in the world. This is clearly illustrated by the example of Spain, which is not only represented by 10 construction companies in the world’s TOP-100 but also tops this entire list.

In total, when thinking about how to open a business in Europe, one should, first of all, rely on understanding the needs of healthcare, the services of ITC specialists, and construction work.

Besides, despite the dominance of a couple of well-known firms in the e-commerce market, the online supermarket niche can also bring decent results with a competent approach and thoughtful marketing.

Ways to start your own business in the EU

There are only three of them:

  • Open a company in Europe from scratch.
  • Purchase an already running business.
  • Invest as a shareholder in a promising project.

The least expensive option is the first. However, it takes a lot of time to register an undertaking, since this is accompanied by the collection of a mass of documents and going through the authorities.

It is possible to alleviate the situation by choosing an already registered company for the purchase, but not yet put into operation (for example, due to the lack of authorized capital).

Having provided the enterprise with the necessary working capital, you can become the owner of a new business but avoid a lengthy registration procedure.

It will be much more expensive to buy a ready-made company with an established rating. To what extent depends on the level of this rating, profitability, brand awareness, and the average number of customers. When selecting an enterprise, you should find and study as much information about it as possible so as not to stumble upon disguised unprofitable or criminal organizations.

A beneficial from all sides type of involvement with the European business community: equity investment in a successful existing project. A good result is provided with a minimum of costs and organizational actions.

Issue price

How much money is needed to open a company in the EU depends on the type of future activity, the country where the company is located, the degree of equipment, and hence the current taxes. There are minimum investment thresholds for foreign businessmen wishing to obtain a residence permit or citizenship in the EU states.

Another important circumstance is that for many key EU countries, a cash injection into the local economy of fewer than 250,000 euros does not in any way contribute to obtaining a residence permit.

How are European visas for business people issued?

The starting visa is valid for 1 year. The next period of 2 years is assigned subject to the successful progress of cases. After the limit on permanent residence in the country has expired, you can apply for permanent residence or citizenship.

A business visa for temporary business trips requires the following package of documents:

  • Schengen visa application form;
  • a passport that remains valid for another 3 months after leaving the eurozone;
  • invitation letter from a foreign partner;
  • a summary from the trade register of the employing company, containing information about the persons who signed the invitation;
  • constituent documents of the owner of the company or data on employment.

An investment visa, which gives access to a long-term stay in the country, is issued only after it has already been possible to open or buy a business. The set of documents for visa passes is almost the same as in the first case, but employment information is not needed.

Instead, you need to provide:

  • constituent documents of the selected foreign company, where the amount of investment is registered;
  • an extract from a European bank or papers indicating that there is sufficient credit to start the company.

Sometimes it is additionally required to show proof of the creation of at least 5 staff positions for local citizens. In some cases, this takes a year from the start of work.

Successful outcome

Most businessmen trying to organize a profitable enterprise in the EU countries successfully cope with their plans. Which gives the right to fast and beneficial citizenship.

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