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More and more business owners are asking questions: what is a virtual office, and how can my business benefit? Business is changing. Advances in technology are helping to make life easier around the world, and business is no exception. Business owners and industry leaders turn to the digital world to increase profits and make it easier to do business. Plus, they improve work-life balance. Sounds too good to be true? It’s easy to do it with the service of a virtual office. 

By 2020, the concept of remote business has already conquered the industry. In 2020, doing business remotely has become a necessity and a norm. Today it is hard to find a businessman who does not understand the long-term implications of this for digitalized and agile practices. Indeed, more and more companies prefer to conduct their business virtually, but have you ever wondered how they do it and why? They do this with a virtual office that allows them to work from anywhere in the world while increasing efficiency, reducing overhead costs, and expanding hiring pools. 

What is a virtual office in Italy? 

A virtual office in Italy is a comprehensive online business solution that allows you to work from any place in the world without sacrificing the benefits of a physical office. In simple terms, it provides you with a digital platform for remote transactions and also gives your business a physical address in Italy. But this is not just a street address; virtual offices offer a wide range of services to help your business operate efficiently, wherever you are. Let’s discuss this in more detail. 

What is included in a virtual office? 

Virtual office packages in Italy come in different sizes and functions, so you pay only for the services you need. The biggest feature of a virtual office is its professional business address, which gives your company a physical office address in Italy without high rental costs. The simplest package will contain this function, and it will drastically change the rules of remote work. But virtual offices are more than just a physical address. 

A virtual office can have many features that maximize your efficiency and increase your business’s credibility. Depending on your provider, a virtual office can also provide features such as a virtual mailbox, Italian telephone numbers, live recorders or answering machines, and access to meeting locations. 

Virtual business address 

One of the biggest challenges remote enterprises face is the lack of a physical enterprise address. It poses several challenges to a successful business, from mail-order hazards to licensing requirements. A mailbox has been the solution for many years, but a virtual office offers more benefits than a mailbox. Virtual offices are the best option as they provide your company with a real physical address anywhere in Italy of your choice. You will not only have a real mailing address, but you can also use this address to register your company and open a bank account for business. 

Access to meeting rooms 

All virtual offices give your business a prestigious physical address to impress your customers. But also, with the meeting room access service, you can have a real, physical office that you can visit at any time. You can schedule meetings with potential clients directly at the location you specify and place the company’s logo in the office. All of this is without the high cost of owning your own space. 

Virtual mailboxes 

A virtual mailbox service is also available in Italy. This service gives you access to a digital mail service, allowing you to manage your mail on your terms. Also, when using a virtual mailbox, you are provided with a physical mailing address to receive your mail and an online platform. When your company receives mail to your virtual mailbox, the mail item is entered into the online system, indicating the sender and type of mail. Now you will always know what kind of object it is and from whom it is. 

Telephone services 

When you connect a telephone service with a virtual office, you will receive an Italian phone number for subsequent transfer to your customers. No more incoming calls directly to your mobile phone! Besides, this package includes a live virtual recorder to handle all of your incoming calls. During business hours, the administrator will answer all your calls, and you will receive a notification with the name of the caller, his phone number, and the reason for the call. After office hours, calls will be answered by personalized and automated voicemail. Your customers can leave a message for you, and the recording will be sent directly to your email. 


Whether you are a small business owner, an ambitious startup engineer, or looking to expand your company, a virtual office is a great choice. It ensures the flexibility and reliability of your business. Here are some of the main benefits and reasons for using a virtual office in Italy: 

  • Work remotely. A virtual office is the most efficient way to do this. 
  • Reduce costs while maintaining a professional business image. A virtual office can save thousands of overhead costs while presenting a legitimate image to your clients. 
  • Expand your business in a convenient location. A virtual office can place you in Italy, one of the most attractive places to do business. 

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