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Romania is a very attractive country located in southeastern Europe for investors looking to expand their business into an area with a low tax system and many economic benefits. 

Main advantages of doing business in Romania 

  1. The country is actively improving financial legislation, trying to bring it as close as possible to EU standards. 
  1. Romania has a fairly stable economy, little prone to crises in recent years. In recent years, tax rates have been significantly reduced. The government has abandoned the progressive income tax rate. 
  1. Possibility to apply for a residence permit and a Schengen visa to enter all EU countries for a company owner in Romania. 
  1. The official language is Romanian. The documentation is in Romanian and English. 
  1. Romania is not included in the blacklists of offshore zones. 
  1. A large network of international agreements for the avoidance of double taxation. 

Buying a ready-made company in Romania 

Since Romania is one of the most promising regions in Europe for foreign investors, many entrepreneurs prefer to buy a ready-made company. 

The advantages of a ready-made company in Romania: 

  • Trust. The endurance of the Romanian companies offers clients and other business partners a credible image; 
  • Banking advantages. Obtaining corporate loans can be more comfortable for a company that has not had tax problems and has work experience; 
  • Ease of doing business. The company is ready to enter into business agreements as soon as the purchase is completed; 
  • Saving time. The most important advantage is that the owners do not have to go through all the stages of setting up a company in Romania; 
  • Suppliers. Suppliers also tend to nominate and work with more experienced companies rather than new ones; 
  • Capital. You can easily access investment capital. 

The goodwill of the company improves the business picture, which can help international investors in Romania, as well as local entrepreneurs, benefit from easier entry into the market. 

Signing business agreements can also be more affordable when the life of the company is important even for banking purposes. Typically, firms only do business with other companies that have been on the market for a certain period. 

Types of ready-made companies in Romania 

There are several types of companies in Romania. The most suitable type depends on the business goals of the investor. While one type is suitable for small and medium-sized businesses, the other is most suitable for large companies and holdings. There are the following types of ready-made companies in Romania: 

  • Limited Liability Company – “Societate cu Raspundere Limitata” (SRL) 
  • Joint Stock Company – “Societate pe Actiuni” 
  • Collective Society – “Societatea in Nume Colectiv” 
  • Sleeping Partnership – “Societate in Comandita Simpla” 
  • Limited Liability Partnership for Shares – “Societatea in Comandita pe Actiuni” 

Documents required to buy a company in Romania 

To buy a ready-made company in Romania, you will need the following documents: 

  • an approved copy of your ID or passport, 
  • proof of residential address, 
  • Police clearance certificate; 
  • If the shareholder is a company, a copy of the registration certificate, and an official list of directors and shareholders. 

In some cases, for example, if you cannot personally come to Romania, you will need to provide a certified power of attorney. 

Upon completion of the transaction, you will get: 

  • registration certificate, 
  • forms of transfer of shares, 
  • certificate of non-trade turnover, 
  • protocols and register of participants, 
  • printed copies of memorandum and articles of association, 
  • joint registrar and share certificates. 

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