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Slovenia is the former republic of Yugoslavia, which is now a full member of the European Union, Schengen Agreement, and NATO. Slovenia’s economy is developing steadily and steadily, it has an advantageous geographical position. By registering a company in Slovenia, you can safely work not only in it but throughout Europe. Besides, having their own business makes it possible for foreigners to obtain a residence permit in this prosperous European state.

Following the law of Slovenia, the foreign businessmen can open:

  • closed joint-stock company with limited liability;
  • public limited company;
  • unlimited liability company;
  • limited liability partnership.

There are positive and negative sides in each form of legal entity.

Closed joint-stock company with limited liability

This legal form of the enterprise is the most common. Only one natural or legal person can organize a private limited liability company. The minimum authorized capital is relatively small and amounts to only 7,500 euros, and at the time of registration, only 30% of this amount can be deposited with “real” money. The remaining 70%, according to Slovenian legislation, maybe other assets or property.

For closed joint-stock companies with limited liability, there is a legal limitation regarding the maximum number of shareholders: there can be no more than fifty people. Like any joint-stock company, it can issue shares, but all of them are only registered and not subject to free circulation (that is, they are not quoted on the stock exchange).

Public joint-stock company with limited liability

It must have at least five founders, who can be both individuals and legal entities. The minimum share capital of a company organized in this legal form is 17,000 euros. Just like in the case of a closed joint-stock company, 30% of this amount must be paid in cash upon registration, and the remaining 70% can be other assets and property.

As for the limitation on the maximum number of participants, it is not provided for an open joint-stock company. Everybody has equal rights to open this type of company. However, it should be at least one Slovenian citizen on the Management Board of the company.

A society with unlimited liability

Its founders must be at least two individuals or legal entities. It is they who are partners, are responsible for the obligations with all their property, and, accordingly, manage the company. This legal form of the enterprise is chosen by foreigners for their firms rather infrequently, even though there are no requirements for the authorized capital.

Limited liability company

This legal form is practically identical to an unlimited liability company and differs from it in that it includes both general and other partners.

The rest are liable only within the framework of their shares in the authorized capital. Its size is also not regulated in the current legislation of Slovenia.

Company registration procedure in Slovenia

Opening a company in Slovenia (just like in any other country, by the way) requires a certain registration procedure. It starts with a preparatory phase, in which:

  • The name of the company is selected. It must be different from the names of any other companies registered in Slovenia. Check the name of the company in the Slovenian Register of legal entities;
  • The director of the future company is appointed;
  • A legal address is selected. According to Slovenian legislation, it must coincide with the actual location of the future company;
  • The types of activities are determined. Please note that some of them are subject to licensing;
  • A memorandum of association is drawn up;
  • Company founders who are non-residents of Slovenia receive tax numbers.

After the preparatory stage is completed, an application for registration of the company is submitted. Next, you need to open a permanent bank account, to which a percentage of its authorized capital corresponding to the legal form of the company is deposited as a deposit. The next step is to obtain a registration decision, and the final step is to open a bank current account in the name of the company.

Taxation of companies in words

The system of taxation of companies in Slovenia is considered one of the most loyal in the entire European Union. Tax not profit in this state today is only 17%, and value-added tax – 22%. At the same time, VAT on some services, food, and drinks is only 9.5%. As for the income tax, it is built on a progressive scale, and its minimum rate is 16%.

Residence permit in Slovenia

A foreigner who has registered an enterprise in this country receives the right to obtain a residence permit in Slovenia if he fulfills one of the following conditions:

  • invests in the company at least 50,000 euros;
  • will employ an EU citizen or anyone who has a work permit in Slovenia;
  • the company’s turnover within six months will be at least 10,000 euros.

Thus, it can be stated that opening a company in Slovenia provides an opportunity not only to transfer your business to a prosperous European country but also to obtain a residence permit there.

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