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If you have a company in France, then you need a legal address where your business correspondence will be sent. Unfortunately, not every businessman can afford the costs of office rent and staff costs. Therefore, virtual office services in France are an excellent solution for you.

The virtual office is a solution for those businesses that do not need a physical presence in France. You can choose from a variety of service packages, from a simple legal address to a complete virtual office solution.

What is a virtual office?

Virtual office services provide a company with the infrastructure inherent in a large business, allowing entrepreneurs to focus on business tasks without worrying about their image and high rental costs.

The rent of an office is expensive in France, so a virtual office is a great alternative. Today, entrepreneurs do not always need a full-fledged office, but only some of its attributes are required: the presence of legal and actual addresses, a dedicated workplace with 24/7 access, use of the reception service, holding meetings with clients and partners in a premium meeting room, and not in a noisy restaurant …

Beyond small businesses, this can be especially true for a new brand with a weak or nonexistent reputation, allowing entrepreneurs to build a credible professional image.

5 Clients looking for a virtual office in France

  • For just established companies in France that cannot yet cover the costs of setting up a permanent office
  • For entrepreneurs who travel frequently and do not need a physical office; freelancers
  • For those who need an office in France, but who work with a limited budget;
  • For those who wish to save money on office maintenance, saving funds that would have to be spent on renting premises, office equipment, and employees’ salaries;
  • For businesses that are changing the direction of their activities, so that later they can move to a furnished office with full service;

Benefits of a virtual office in France

  • Virtual secretary, services of a qualified secretary;
  • Separate telephone line, receiving faxes, mail, e-mail, receiving and forwarding calls to your specified contact number;
  • Meeting and videoconferencing facilities (meeting room)
  • Preparation of the necessary applications, orders, and other documents;
  • Immediate notification of the receipt of information important to you;
  • Receiving, processing, and forwarding incoming correspondence;
  • Courier services


You can rent a virtual office in the center of Paris, Marseille, and Lyon at an affordable price. This is a great solution for a tight budget. A virtual office in France includes the legal address of the company and other business services.

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