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As part of the Lesser Sunda Islands chain, Sumbawa is an Indonesian island situated in the middle of the chain with Lombok to the west, Flores to the east, and Sumba to the southeast. It is included in the province of West Nusa Tenggara along with Lombok, but the Indonesian government has plans to divide the island into different sections. The island is traditionally recognized as the source of sandalwood, honey, and sappanwood. Extensive grasslands and a climate resembling a savanna are used to raise horses and cattle, and to hunt deer.

Jobs options in Sumbawa

The following business options are available in Sumbawa:

Launch a gift baskets company

The recipient receives a gift basket at their place of business or residence. A gift basket business is a good idea because, with the right plan, you can stay in operation throughout the entire year. To launch a gift basket business, pick a market segment or a sales channel and register your company legally. Reaching a larger customer base should be possible with the right marketing plan.


The commercial agriculture industry has historically been a source of exports and foreign currency.  Additionally, there is an institute that supports sustainable farming practices that increase yield. As a result, you might think about starting a business in Sumbawa’s agriculture and farming industry.


You might think about starting a bookkeeping business if you want to launch a service-based enterprise. However, you need to have sufficient knowledge and skills in accounting and taxation to start a business. You have the option of starting the business full- or part-time. You can start the business from your home as well.

The computer industry

In general, the Sumbawa economy is expanding quickly. As a result, the IT and telecommunications sectors are also expanding. As a result, the nation is among the best for establishing a computer-related business. The most lucrative career options include those in computer assembling, computer repair, computer training, etc.

Planning an event

You can start this business if you are a detail-oriented person who enjoys helping others. The fact that you can initially launch and run the business from your home is its most lucrative feature.

A commercial retail operation does, however, guarantee greater profitability. For their various event management needs, you can target both domestic and corporate clients in this line of work.

Open a restaurant in Sumbawa

Gaining financial success in the food industry necessitates familiarity with pertinent food safety issues and safe food handling procedures. Food is essentially a necessary consumable. You can learn about a variety of opportunities in the food industry. The food processing, packaging, wholesaling, distribution, and retail industries are some of the most lucrative ones.

Using gold

In essence, Sumbawa has a large gold storage. More gold was produced by artisanal and small-scale miners than by large-scale businesses. Up to 65 percent of the nation’s active gold deposits are controlled by small-scale mines, so starting a gold mining company is unquestionably a lucrative and successful business venture.

Interior design

For those who are passionate about design, art, and home décor, interior design is the ideal career path. This home-based business can be started by anyone, regardless of age. A successful interior design business always benefits from having a degree in the field.

A great way to get your foot in the door and gain some visibility is to intern with or work for recognized industry leaders. Additionally, this will give you a professional experience.

Establish a small manufacturing company

A variety of industries make up small-scale manufacturing. These include the manufacturing of food, clothing, textiles, handicrafts, light engineering, etc. You might think about starting a small manufacturing company depending on your aptitude, experience, and financial resources.


You can start tutoring even from home if you want to work for yourself. In general, tutoring is a respectable profession. And tutoring is a surefire way to make good money. Many online platforms permit online teaching.

Launch a website business

Online businesses can be a good option for people in Sumbawa who want to make money quickly with little investment. Depending on your skills and experience, you can investigate several home-based online business opportunities. The following are a few of them:

  • Create a blog.
  • Affiliate promotion
  • Writing for hire.
  • Publish eBooks.
  • Drop shipping enterprise.

Open a transportation company

Though it can be difficult for newcomers to break into the transportation sector, there are still many opportunities if proper planning is made. Minibus and kombi services are in high demand. One van can be used to launch a transport company, and as the money starts coming in, one can add more as needed. These are the most profitable investment opportunities that you should think about starting in Sumbawa. This list of business suggestions should provide you with plenty of motivation to launch a new enterprise in Sumbawa.