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Company registration in the Netherlands is an opportunity to bring business to new latitudes and receive numerous privileges from a prestigious European jurisdiction. Holland is one of the richest in the world, one of the four leaders of the European Union, ranks 20th in the ranking of the member states of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, and 16th in terms of economic freedom. Non-residents are provided with favorable conditions for setting up a company and doing business in Holland, the opportunity to enter the European market to build up capital, and numerous tax benefits.

TOP-12 reasons why it is profitable to open a company in the Netherlands:

  1. Stable economy, showing steady growth;
  2. Entering the European market (27 member countries), which contributes to capital growth and an increase in exports and imports;
  3. Possibility of opening a subsidiary company and a branch on the territory of any EU country;
  4. Trade within the EU without customs barriers;
  5. A record low amount of the authorized capital – from 0.01 euros, which allows you to register a limited liability company Besloten Vennootschap without a down payment;
  6. Favorable tax legislation, protection against double taxation;
  7. No tax on capital gains, interest on dividends, and royalties;
  8. The right to obtain a residence permit in the Netherlands for 2 years and extend it;
  9. Reliability of the legal system, strong government support, and legal protection for business owners;
  10. Favorable conditions of the Dutch banking system, which implies the consolidation of a network of banks for a specific industry;
  11. Lack of foreign exchange controls concerning foreign firms;
  12. Strong trust from partners and consumers.

Benefits of registering a company in the Netherlands

The Kingdom of the Netherlands is a prestigious European jurisdiction known for its well-established political system, a progressive economy that is rapidly developing by leaps and bounds, a stable financial sector, the regular introduction of innovative technologies, and management methods that work like clockwork. Therefore, the registration of a company in Holland allows a businessman to receive a lot of privileges.

The first thing that attracts the country in terms of opening a new company is its favorable location in Europe and the possibility of a long-awaited entry into the EU market, which includes 27 states. At the same time, additional opportunities appear to expand the sphere of influence, increase the number of clients, build up capital, as well as open a representative office in any country of the European Union.

When doing business in the Netherlands, you will have access to such large logistics hubs as Amsterdam and Rotterdam, which allows you to further increase the volume of exports and imports.

The Netherlands is a country with high international prestige and favorable relations with Germany, Great Britain, France, and Belgium. Well-known global brands (, Starbucks, Google) are registered there. Opening a company in Holland means increasing trust in the eyes of business partners, customers, and buyers.

Due to the changes in 2012 legislation and tax policy, the jurisdiction attracts more and more investors from different parts of the world, it is now really profitable for non-residents to do business in the Netherlands. The procedure for registering a new company in the Netherlands has been significantly simplified, a significant result of the innovations has been the establishment of the minimum possible size of the authorized capital.

Doing business in the Netherlands benefits from loyal tax laws. Although Holland is not a classic offshore zone, some types of taxes have been abolished, namely on capital gains, dividend payments, and royalties. The country ranks first in the world for the successful resolution of double taxation cases, and there is preferential treatment for companies that create intellectual property products.

Carrying out economic activities on the territory of the Kingdom of the Netherlands is a powerful reason for obtaining a residence permit. As a rule, you need to apply for a residence permit 12 months after the creation of a Dutch company. A residence permit is issued for 2 years. Then it can be extended and your family moved to the country.

The reliability of the legal system is another plus in favor of registering a company in the Netherlands. The owners are reliably protected at the legislative level. The rules of the enterprise and the specifics of management are spelled out in the regulations.

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