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The French Republic today attracts many businessmen from all over the world. As you know, France has a fairly developed and stable economy. Many novice businessmen can count on help from the state since there are state support programs in the country. Besides, France has a flexible fiscal policy and a clear legislative framework. For business, the French market offers several clear advantages:

Large market

France is the largest country in Western Europe with more than 60 million inhabitants, and in terms of tourist visits, Paris is the leader in Europe. All of these people are potential consumers of your business services.

Favorable geographic location

France’s location at the crossroads of major transport routes and railways guarantees easy logistics of goods throughout Europe.

The French market is open to foreign investors

Currently, more than 22,000 foreign companies are registered and operate in France. In particular, Paris and the entire Ile-de-France region are home to many of the headquarters of multinational companies. One of the studies found that France is among the most attractive countries for foreign investment.

The ability to open a company online

The laws and regulations are the same for all companies regardless of their origin. There are no administrative restrictions on foreign investment in France, although in some cases mandatory declarations or permits may be required. Moreover, the time frame required to register a business in France is very short, and nowadays the entire procedure for setting up a company can be done online.

Business environment in France

The French government strives to increase competitiveness and improve the business environment, the government has simplified and reduced corporate taxation, and has made the labor market more flexible. Besides, the government provides funds for research and development activities, in particular through the creation of innovation clusters and the provision of tax credit to research companies. The country also attracts expats and foreign specialists.

Areas in which it is most profitable to register a company in France:

  • sale of alcoholic beverages;
  • computer services;
  • organization of supermarkets;
  • real estate transactions.

As well as the tourist segment and the restaurant business.

Subtleties and complexity of the procedure

On average, you can open a company in 2 weeks, but not everyone succeeds in meeting these deadlines. The process of organizing a legal entity for non-residents and citizens of the republic is the same, but it cannot be called simple:

  • the choice of the organizational and legal form – the type of taxation and the method of maintaining accounting records will depend on this;
  • Search for a unique name – if it is similar to an existing organization, then it will file a lawsuit and in 99% of cases will win the case;
  • decide on the issue of licensing and obtaining permits;
  • creating a competent management system – hire a resident manager or choose another option;
  • register a legal address.

You will need the following documents:

  • The ID of each founder;
  • confirmation of opening an account with a financial institution;
  • charter;
  • certificates about the absence of problems with the law and not only.

The procedure itself goes through a special body – Center de Formalités des Entreprises. Then he sends information about the new legal entity to more than 5 instances. A businessman must inform the public about his activities by placing a note in the newspaper.

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