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The first reason for opening a business in Belgium for foreign residents is to obtain a residence permit in this country. This is a huge advantage because a person with such a status can issue invitations for a guest to visit and reside in Belgium for 5 years.

The second, but not insignificant, the advantage of obtaining a residence permit in this country is obtaining the right to visit all Schengen countries without pre-issued visas. The main advantage of registering a business in Belgium is the loyalty of politicians towards business immigrants, that is, in a simplified taxation system.

If a foreign resident opens a company in Belgium, then taxes are paid only to that country, since the double taxation treaty with other republics was recently canceled by Belgium. This means that the entrepreneur has the opportunity to receive higher profits and develop his business faster.

The main advantages of opening and doing business in the Kingdom of Belgium:

  • No need to register an office.
  • You do not need to hire a secretary (recall that in many EU countries one of the conditions for registering a company is the presence of a secretary in the state).
  • The small amount of the minimum authorized capital (only 18,550 euros).
  • The minimum number of directors is 1 person (with any citizenship).
  • The minimum number of shareholders is 1 person (with any citizenship).
  • No need for an audit.

Company registration

Both a legal entity and an individual have the right to open a company in Belgium. The main requirement for an entrepreneur is to reach the age of 18.

The procedure for opening a company in Belgium

Initially, an entrepreneur will need to obtain a professional card. This can be done by contacting the Consulate of the Kingdom of Belgium in the country where the entrepreneur is located.

Main documents:

  • Application of the established form.
  • Passport.
  • Business plan.

It will cost a foreigner 140 euros to apply.

After the commission makes a positive decision on the issuance of a professional card, a person needs to come to Belgium on a D visa and obtain a card in the register of accredited enterprises. Together with a professional card, a foreign resident is issued a residence permit in Belgium.

Belgium professional map

As practice shows, obtaining a professional card is one of the most difficult stages of starting your own business in this country. In addition to the basic documents, the entrepreneur is obliged to provide all papers that confirm his education and work experience in the field of entrepreneurial activity in his home country or other states. These documents are necessary to assess the impact of a future company on the economic situation in Belgium.

The card is valid for 5 years, but it must be confirmed every year with a payment of € 90.

After that, all documents of the company in Belgium (financial plan, agreement of founders, articles of association) must be certified by a Belgian notary. The average price for the certification of securities is 1,500 euros.

The next step toward opening a company in Belgium is opening an account with a commercial bank in Belgium. According to the rating, the best banking institutions in this country are:

  • Dexia.
  • KBC Group.

In the bank, you need to deposit at least 20% of the authorized capital of the future company. After the funds are transferred, the entrepreneur is issued a certificate confirming the payment.

The next step is to obtain a tax number. It is assigned by the tax office. Registration price – 55 euros.

Then a person who decides to open a company in Belgium should register it in the register of legal entities. The time for registration is limited – to 90 days from the date of assignment of the tax number. You will have to pay 82 euros for registration.

Forms of ownership:

  1. Limited Liability Company. Most often, this form of ownership is used to register and run small and medium-sized businesses headed by one person. The minimum share capital is 18,550 euros. When opening a bank account, you will need to deposit a minimum of 12,400 euros. If there are several shareholders, then the amount of the first installment is equal to 6,200 euros.
  2. Open Joint Stock Limited Liability Company. Most often, this type of property is used to register and conduct a large business in this country. Primary requirements:
    • The presence of at least two shareholders.
    • The minimum amount of the authorized capital is 61,500 euros.

According to the rules, the company’s shares can be placed on the stock exchange

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