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Banco Central de Bolivia, which oversees all banks in Bolivia, includes a state bank as well as private banks, credit unions, and savings and loan institutions. The nation’s central bank, Banco Central, is in charge of establishing monetary policy and printing currency. Although the fundamentals of the banking system are now continuing to deteriorate, the rating agency anticipates that the GDP growth of the nation will stabilize at a high level and that the operational environment in the nation will improve.

This ranking of Bolivia’s top banks is a useful starting point for anyone considering a career in banking in Bolivia.

The Leading Bolivian Banks

The Leading Bolivian Banks include:

Banco Mercantil Santa Cruz (BMSC)

After Banco Mercantil and Banco Santa Cruz merged, Banco Mercantil Santa Cruz S.A. (BMSC) began conducting business in Bolivia in 2006. The Bolivian bank has 93 offices, more than 350 ATMs, online and mobile banking platforms, call centers, and a comprehensive range of products and services for both private customers and business clients. La Paz is the home of BMSC.

Bolivian National Bank (BNB)

One of Bolivia’s biggest banks is called Banco Nacional de Bolivia, or BNB. It is one of the nation’s oldest banks and was founded in 1871. BNB, which has its headquarters in Sucre, offers a variety of services and products, including credit cards, mortgages, business, and savings loans. The company will have close to 2,000 employees by 2025.

BISA Bancorp S.A.

It is a banking and financial services organization based in Bolivia that offers both personal and business banking goods and services through a network of 66 banking facilities, nearly 300 ATMs, contact centers, and other banking platforms. Its La Paz headquarters provide solutions for investment banking, mortgages, insurance, and risk management. The bank, which was once known as Banco Industrial S.A, is currently a part of Grupo Financiero BISA S.A. The company has more than 1,900 workers as of 2020.

Bolivian Credit Bureau

When the largest bank in Peru bought the Bolivian bank in 1994, Banco de Crédito de Bolivia was created. It provides a wide range of goods and services, such as investment banking, mortgage loans, mutual funds, and consumer and business banking. The bank has its main office in La Paz and runs a network of 102 branches, 240 ATMs, phone centers, and other banking facilities.

Banco Union

In 1979 a member of the Unión Group began conducting business in Bolivia. It offers financial services and goods, such as loans, microcredit, investments, savings, and checks, from its headquarters in La Paz. Banco Unión seeks to offer financial services across the nation and participate in the economic and social space.

Ganadero Banco S.A.

It is one of Bolivia’s biggest banks, offering a variety of financial services and products, including savings, checking, fixed deposits, credit for consumers, loans, insurance, international commerce, and currency exchange. It offers services to people and companies in several industries. Santa Cruz is where it’s headquartered.

Economic Bank S.A.

The 1991-founded Banco Económico S.A. offers banking services to people and businesses in several parts of the nation, including Santa Cruz, Tarija, Sucre, and La Paz. Savings, checking, term deposits, loans, investment capital, lines of credit, and bills of exchange are among its goods and services. 2020 will see the company employ approximately 1,300 people.

Banco para el Fomento a Iniciativas Económicas

Banco para el Fomento an Iniciativas Económicas, a La Paz-based organization, runs 210 branches around Bolivia. It was formerly a private financial fund until 2010 when it changed to a development bank and developed into the biggest provider of microcredit to small enterprises in the nation. The organization will have more than 3,200 employees by 2020.

Solidario Bank

Through its network of 96 agencies and 199 ATMs, the microfinance institution Banco Solidario, also known as Bancosol, provides a variety of goods and services including loans, savings, guarantee funds, credit, and money transfers, as well as insurance. Bancosol employs about 3,100 people and operates from its La Paz headquarters.

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