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If international people finally settle permanently in Azerbaijan or open a company, they might take several different steps. One of these steps is establishing a bank account, as all payments, these days must be carried out via financial institutions. 

Here is a short list of first-rate banks in the nation that provides a wide range of financial services.

Access Bank 

This is one of Azerbaijan’s biggest banking institutions. By offering good fiscal offerings to families and micro, little, and medium-sized businesses utilizing globally renowned best banking standards, Access’s purpose is to support the environmental sustainability of the country.

The top corporate products that the fiscal company provides include microloans, term deposits, and my card business. The company also provides cash loans and term deposits for non-corporate accounts.

Royal Bank of Baku

It is a full-service financial institution that provides conventional wealth management solutions like personal loans and corporate credit profiles. Royal still shows sustainable growth despite the difficult economic climate the country currently faces. The 32 outlets of Royal, which has its headquarters in Baku, are expanding quickly. Currently, the Bank has 540 individuals working for it all around the nation.


It offers businesses, corporate clients, and consumers one-stop shopping for economic products. Its principal objective is to promote the growth of the domestic economy by offering top-notch financial services. The organization is conscious of its obligation and makes every effort to uphold the highest standards of professionalism and ethics in work.

Kapital Bank 

In Azerbaijan, this bank dominates a considerable infrastructure. The Central Bank of the Republic of Azerbaijan granted the treasury lending permit 244 on February 25, 2000, under which it conducts business. Pasha Holding Ltd. is Kapital’s largest investor. It offers cash credit lines, loans, Burbank, and Birkart services to its customers. 

International Bank of Azerbaijan (IBA) 

This is the Republic of Azerbaijan’s biggest corporate organization. While continuing its work to contribute to the economy, the organization is dedicated to establishing a wealthy, democratic, robust, and ecological economy. It supports the social and financial development of its customers and associates by giving mortgages, scholarships, additional support, and stock funds.

Banking Technology ASC 

The monetary corporation provides over 120,000 consumer and business clients, making it one of the largest banks in the nation in terms of clientele. The fiscal company has more than 500 staff working in its headquarters and branches. Connections with prestigious investment firms, multilateral development banks, and other key players are strengthened and expanded by Bank Technique.


It is a financial institution that offers both private individuals and businesses in the country a comprehensive range of monetary products. Personal loans for pupils, securities, savings, cash and payment activities, corporate lending for undergrads, card transactions, and utility and internet line transactions are provided services. Furthermore, domestic and foreign money transfers, are the bank’s primary commercial activities.

Meta Bank 

one of Azerbaijan’s biggest financial organizations. It provides both industrial and domestic clients with a full variety of programs as one of the most reputable local high-tech banking entities. Currently, Meta operates 12 branches and 4 locations in Baku and adjacent areas, offering a full range of services.


This finance and crediting corporation provides a wide variety of banking services, such as loans to businesses and individuals, document trades, deposit and savings accounts, credit cards, transfers, business advice assistance, healthcare, etc. It is one of the top banks in Azerbaijan and provides a comprehensive variety of financial products to both private individuals and corporate clients. One of the bank’s key areas of activity is funding the State of Azerbaijan’s economic and residential sectors.