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Law 9662, “On Banks in the State of Albania,” which establishes rules to maintain solid administration and operational practices for both local and international financial firms, regulates the finance industry. In Albania, there are 14 income and credit organizations and 31 nonfinancial lending companies. These organizations focus on medium-sized companies that aren’t often catered to by the corporate finance industry. They provide loans ranging from $1,000 to $500,000. The whole funding industry in the country is privatized.

Some of the best finance organizations that can offer you or your corporate organization the best products and services can be found in this article.

Tirana Bank

In 1996, Tirana S.A. was founded and had become the country’s 1st personally operated institution. Tirana S.A. is a global treasury that caters to the needs of its clients by providing a broad variety of commerce, Micro – enterprises, industry, and organizational financial services offerings and assistance. 

Tirana S.A. takes part in the deposit assurance plan of Albania. Up to 2,500,000, ALL deposits per financial institution and creditor are covered under this program. The company offers retail and commercial financial services.

Products: Debit, residential, mortgage, freelancer, student, and personal loans. Visa and MasterCard. Savings and current accounts.

OTP Bank Albania SA 

OTP is a component of the OTP Finance Partnership. OTP functions as a global finance organization that supplies both individuals and businesses with total financial products. OTP Albania S.A is Participating in Albania’s loan insurance program. 

This program protects up to 2,500,000 ALL assets per institution and creditor. Consumer, individual, commercial, and corporate finance services are offered by the institution.

Products: commercial, mortgage, and construction loans. Savings, and time deposit profiles. Cards for the transaction.

National Commercial Bank 

In 1925, National Commercial Bank S.A. was founded. In its home economy, NCB offers both retail and corporate lending goods and facilities. The NCB takes part in Albania’s deposit protection program. Up to 2,500,000, ALL assets per treasury and creditor are covered under this program. 

Products: Visa and Mastercard, deposit and savings accounts, pension plans, educational loans, and private and consumer loans.


The Raiffeisen S.A. is a supplier of business and commercial finance products in Austria. It is RBI’s completely integrated branch. A global financial institution, Raiffeisen S.A. provides a range of financial services to organizations, small-medium businesses, and retail customers. This organization also offers upscale products in addition to regular fiscal solutions. 

Products: checking and savings accounts, cards, overdrafts, mortgages, and personal loans.

Credits Bank 

Credit Bank, a global entity founded in 2003, offers monetary goods and solutions to meet client needs and enable people, communities, enterprises, and organizations. Credits Bank has high faith in the morals and inventiveness of Albanian citizens. 

Products: Payment cards, pension plans, current and savings profiles, individual and overdraft loans, and educational accts.

Intesa Sanpaolo Bank 

As an international finance organization, Intesa Sanpaolo provides a variety of cutting-edge goods and services to corporations, institutions, high-net-worth individuals, entrepreneurs, and local customers. 

Products: Automobile, school, retail, and housing loans as well as personal loans. Savings, current, income, and pupil accounts. Cards for credit and debit.

American Bank of Investment 

This lending firm was created when the United States-based personal equity firm NCH Holdings purchased Credit Agricole Albania. As a multinational finance organization, the American Bank of Investments provides goods and facilities in domestic, SME, commercial, and industrial funding. American Bank of Investments S.A. takes part in Albania’s credit-to-assurance program. Up to 2,500,000, ALL assets per entity and investor are covered under this program. 

Products: Equity loans, mortgages, overdrafts, debit and credit cards, and current and savings accounts.