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Despite international pressure, Iran has made significant technological advancements through training and support over the past few decades in practically all areas of research. Technical production is said to have grown more quickly than ever in recent years. The country reportedly had 31 technological parks across the country as of 2012. 

Iran’s IT technology industry was worth 3.5 billion dollars in 2015. The IT industry is expanding as a result of rising cellphone and internet adoption rates, as well as domestic modernization.

Iran’s IT sector has enormous potential for financial gain, and you can also launch an IT firm. This line of work is in great demand. People today demand that tasks be completed quickly, and IT companies provide that, whether it be through website designs, coding services, or other assistance.

Let’s look at the procedures you can use to launch an IT firm in Iran. 

Choose the service 

You must have a strategy for the goods and services you will provide to your clients. Examine every service and item you have to offer first, and then pick the greatest one. 

You can provide a variety of information technology goods and services, including the following:

  • Tech support
  • Computer Repair
  • Data backups
  • Cybersecurity 
  • Virtual desktop
  • Cloud solutions

Market analysis 

When researching the market you intend to enter, be specific. You must be able to identify who your rivals are and have a thorough understanding of the ecosystem that your company will develop in. Market research is essential so that you can evaluate and competitively create your commodity or service. 

Business plan

The goals of your information technology firm are listed in the business plan, along with a plan of action to reach them. Preparing the actions that may be necessary to achieve your goals requires having defined objectives. Building the framework, budgets, figuring out your financing, and everything else involved in taking baby steps is also included in the business plan. You should always keep this material up to date.

Budget plan 

Making a funding and capital plan is crucial since a firm cannot operate without funds. While beginning your own IT firm, you should also create a budget for potential costs and project when and how the business will become profitable.

Register the business

The registration procedure includes both selecting the company’s goals and completing the required documents. 

Before registering a corporation, you must submit a business name request. Search the official business website of Iran to see if a name is accessible. You can file the name with the competent authority if no other company is already using it. Send the registration request and the following supporting papers to the Iranian registrar’s office: 

  • Shareholder meeting information,
  • Personal information of shareholders and directors,
  • Proof of share allocation,
  • Financial records,
  • Tax ID, and
  • Corporate activity list.

Registering for taxes 

To effectively create a business in Iran, it is crucial to complete the necessary paperwork with the tax office. Following registration, the Licensing Board requires a fee of 33% of social security. 

Both local and international business owners are required to pay taxes. However, it is possible to avoid paying taxes by locating the company’s physical site within one of the free-trade districts.

Create a team 

To ensure the smooth operation of your tech company, you must have a team of personnel who can do a variety of jobs, including developing, coding, and other duties.

Concentrate on marketing 

Marketing will assist you in gaining market share, developing strategies to meet the requirements of clients, and achieving the IT business goals you have set for yourself. 

Giving your company the most exposure possible will help you chart a clearer path toward success.