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The country is an archipelago, which consists of Basse-Terre, Grande-Terre, Marie-Galante, and La Désirade, as well as two Îles des Saintes and several uninhabited islands. Its position on the map places it to the north of Dominica and the south of Antigua and Barbuda. The city of Basse-Terre, which serves as the nation’s capital, is located on the island’s southwestern coast. Both Pointe-à-Pitre and Les Abymes can be found on the island of Grande-Terre. Pointe-à-Pitre is an important economic center, while Les Abymes is the most populous city on the island. The total population of the country is above 300,000 people. It is a part of France, similar to the status of France’s other overseas departments. Because the island is a component territory of both the EU and the Eurozone, European Union nationals are permitted to reside and work on the island indefinitely.

The economy of the country

France has several overseas departments including Guadalupe, Martinique, La Réunion, Mayotte, and French Guiana. It functions as both a region and a department and citizens of Guadeloupe are considered to be French citizens. Tourism, agriculture, and service industries are the key indicators its economy depends on. Though, it receives a significant amount of imports and subsidies from France. The nation’s gross domestic product was 9.079 billion euros in 2017. Bananas, sugar, and rum make up the majority of the country’s exports. The economy of the nation benefits greatly from tourism. However, the manufacturing of sugar and rum, cement, solar energy, furniture, and apparel are the primary activities of the light industrial sector. Despite this, a significant amount of petroleum and manufactured products are brought into the country from France.

Starting an E-commerce business in the country

The launch of an e-commerce company in the country can be a venture that is both exhilarating and difficult to undertake. You should consider the following points as you move forward:

Research market

Carry out market research to identify potential clients, the competition, and market trends. This information may be used to assess the demand for the intended goods and services, as well as the kinds of goods that are in high demand.

Choose a market segment

One option for any business strategy is to concentrate on a certain market segment or product category that is common in the country. This is to make the company stand out from other businesses in the industry and attract new customers.

Registration of business

Be sure that the company is registered with the right incorporation authorities. It is also possible for you to require a license for the firm and a tax identification number.

Establish a web presence

As an online business, you will need to create a website that shows the company’s items. Lets customers place orders and make payments online, and provide details about the company’s shipping and return policies.

Shipping and logistics 

To successfully deliver goods to customers within and outside the territory, you will need to determine which shipping and logistics strategies will yield the best results. Think about forming a partnership with a local shipping company to guarantee on-time arrival and steer clear of any problems with customs.

Payment processing

Choose a payment method that offers secure transactions and accepts the form of currency commonly used in the country.


Create a strategy for promoting the company to increase customer traffic and sales. When trying to reach your desired demographic, consider running ads on social media sites and forming partnerships with influential people in the community.

Beginning an online retail venture in the nation can be difficult because of the location, inadequate infrastructure, etc. However, it is possible to make a profit and enjoy the benefits of this endeavor if proper strategy and execution are undertaken in time.