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The Cuban industry does not yet incorporate e-commerce. Cuba has been gradually opening up to business, though, which offers a chance to lay the groundwork for e-commerce there in the future. However, to achieve that goal, there must be state funding, which at the present does not appear to be the case. Even though access to the internet is expanding, the nation has one of the slowest rates of web adoption globally.

Additionally, Cuba’s economy is still centered on cash, and methods of international payment like credit cards remain inaccessible. Cards do exist, and a sizable section of the population possesses one, but they are government-run state cards that can only be used within Cuba. 

On the plus side, this indicates that there must be a demand for digital retailers. There would be less competition and more customers because there aren’t many online stores. To begin your online business in Cuba, follow the steps below.

Strategize and evaluate e-commerce 

Make a strong business plan first. With the help of this plan, you will be able to clearly outline what you’re doing, how you want to execute it, and the materials you’ll require. Before beginning any business, having a solid research plan in place is crucial. Learn about the businesses that are succeeding in the digital age and the products that are easy to handle and distribute online.

Select a product

Deciding on the products you want to sell directly to customers online is the next step in developing an online business. This is typically the most difficult part of starting a new internet presence. Make sure the product you choose is easy to distribute and store. 

Among the top products in demand online are jewelry, cosmetics, apparel, and household goods. Any of them may serve as your area of expertise, or even better, you could begin selling all of them on your webpage.

Get the stock

If you’re selling physical goods, you’ll need to come up with a plan for buying them and completing customer orders. The product can be handcrafted by you and delivered to the customer. This is a very enticing option in Cuba due to the high demand for handcrafted products by tourists. 

You can also resell the items that have already been manufactured. Purchase commodities in bulk from wholesalers and list the products online. You don’t need to be concerned about the costs of the things because the manufacturer sets the pricing.

Select a domain name

Your business or project is represented online by its domain name. You need a web domain to represent yourself online. You can only be identified on the internet by your web address. People use this digital or internet address to search for your business. For your venture, you must get a unique hostname.

Pick a logo 

For an online firm, a logo or sign is required. As a vendor, you are allowed to put up signs in a common area to advertise or convey a message about your products and services. Logos are not just used to represent the firm and product, but they also help in attracting the client. 

Design your site 

You can create your website with the assistance of a variety of internet tools and applications. However, it is better to hire a professional to create your e-commerce website for this purpose. In Cuba, there are a lot of software providers who also offer a rental server space. Top website designers in Cuba are Lunar Logic, MotionMobs, and Hyperlink info system. 

Launch and market your business 

Once your business has been formed, you can begin monitoring your statistics and critical progress metrics as it grows. Continue experimenting with various internet promotional techniques to boost traffic to your brand. Making backup plans is a smart idea in case something goes wrong.