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One of Kazakhstan’s most alluring economic areas is the agriculture industry. Kazakhstan has 188 million acres of grasslands and about 24 million acres of agricultural territory. The nation’s land area—more than 74% of it—is favorable for crop output. According to state estimations, Kazakhstan’s cattle farming is a highly lucrative sector with the potential to provide up to US$2.6 billion in yearly export earnings.

Kazakhstan’s agriculture sector has seen a significant structural change in recent years. Even if you weren’t raised in a rural family, starting an agricultural business has grown in popularity in recent years. 

We’ll talk about how to launch a husbandry enterprise in this article. We’ll also go over the stages of starting the farmland and the laws surrounding them. 

Select an item to create 

Deciding on the products you wish to grow is a rancher’s first step in establishing a farm. On your small ranch, you can cultivate or nurture almost any crop or critter you want, provided the conditions are favorable.

The main crops grown in the nation are grain, maize, cotton, and corn, with flour exports serving as a significant source of foreign exchange. Kazakhstan exports grains to more than 70 nations, ranking among the top 10 exporters globally. The nation is also one of the leading exporters of meat in the globe. You might try your luck in these already lucrative segments if you want to succeed in the agriculture industry.

Calculate your finances

You’ll need to raise the capital to launch your new corporation, just like any other. A small ranch is a firm that has significant administrative costs. You will require land, tools, labor, permits, security, and more. A working farm can also be purchased, although that still demands a sizable initial investment from owners.

A local farm can be financed in several ways. You might look for sponsors or obtain a business loan. You could also take advantage of the subsidies and awards for producers provided by regional and international organizations.

Acquire a property 

You are aware of the products you want to grow, you are knowledgeable about how to build a farm of this kind, and your corporate plan includes a financing strategy. It is now time to look for and buy some territory. 

Real estate purchases for farms require careful consideration. Ensure the temperature is suitable for the species of livestock you’ll be rearing if you plan to raise cattle.

Land purchases in the nation are restricted to permanent inhabitants only. A foreign corporation may also buy a farm directly by incorporating and buying property under the company name.

License and registration 

It’s time to register the business and get the required approvals after buying land in a desirable location. Any form of company wishing to do business in the nation must get a business license. The owner must also submit a request form and other necessary documentation to register.

To properly produce at a farm, the company needs to acquire health, electronic, and safety licenses. Last but not least, the company needs a tax identification number to properly conduct business.

Make plans and organize 

Depending on what you are cultivating, rearing, or generating, you will need to decide how to manage the ground on your ranch. You must make sure your soil is fertile if you plan to cultivate crops. Invest several years using dung and animal waste to organically fertilize your soil. You can also use synthetic fertilizers as an alternative.

You must construct the proper barns if you are farming cattle. Your choice of facility will depend on whether you are keeping animals for meat, dairy, wool, eggs, or other commodities.

Establish your product 

Even if you only cultivate or raise one item, you might still create several similar commodities for your local company. Say you produce only beets. Along with selling beets, you may create and market any beet-based goods, including jam, powdered beetroots, and beetroot syrup.

Choose your course of action and create your item accordingly. If your commodity is a consumable one, decide how to store it so that it will survive for a long time and also set the pricing.