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One of the most vibrant and alluring industries of the Greek market that presents business prospects is the nutrition and farming industry. The Greek farm market has continued to have a favorable trading flow in a variety of agro goods, including vegetables, tangerines, citrus, and other foods that typically have stable pricing and growing preference. Independent entrepreneurs can play a big part in this development as they can help local growers increase their product worth and competition in European countries by giving them access to clients. 

Anyone wishing to launch agribusiness in Greece should refer to the following information.

Plan your objectives

Every farm business is unique. Defining your goals before initiating any work is crucial. You can improve your corporate model through this. Additionally, it is crucial for facilitating communication with corporate organizations such as financial institutions and extensions. Consider your aims in light of the TBL. 

The “triple bottom line (TBL)” is a paradigm for bookkeeping that treats fiscal, ethical, and ecological outcomes as its three main bottom lines. TBL is a tool used by corporations, and governmental organizations to assess their economic rewards. 

Market research 

The foundation of any profitable firm is detailed market analysis. You must research the particular segment in which you wish to launch your enterprise. You can use it to develop a solid company plan. 

In your industry analysis, you might take into account the industry’s perspective, growth, rivals, and regulatory requirements. Always keep an eye out for pertinent data from reliable sites. You will gain market understanding from this investigation, and you may discover several brand-new business prospects.

Obtaining funds 

You will make your cash arrangements at this stage. You can decide If you require credit or want to use your assets. The country’s GDP is based primarily on agribusiness. It is one of the companies that continued to grow despite the crisis. Thus, many banks and lending organizations are prepared to aid this industry. The state also has various programs to help the agricultural industry. 

Register the business 

In Greece, a business may be incorporated under one of several organizational and regulatory structures. Anonymous Eteria (AE), a type of firm incorporation that resembles a confidential joint-stock corporation, is the most popular in Greece. In addition, you can establish a limited liability company, a public joint stock firm, an unlimited liability enterprise, and a branch in Greece.

The creation of an international firm’s branch is the most advantageous registration since the rule on the prevention of double taxes makes the branch practically international. Such a corporation is nearly free from all taxes, and the only expensive aspects of business licensing are the bank’s insurance coverage for $50,000 and the yearly exchange of $100,000 into the local currency.

Buy the equipment 

You may start putting your ideas into action now that you have a corporate approach and the necessary capital. You can purchase or lease land and office area. You might spend money on the supplies and machinery needed for your company.

A variety of materials and apparatus, such as a manual planter, plow, shovel, trimmers, hand trowel, gardening forks, sprayer, brush, cutting blade, spritz nozzles, budding axes, etc. are required for performing various agricultural activities. All of these tools must be purchased before you can launch your agricultural business.

Promoting your products 

Making the marketing component is the obvious next move. The industry analysis you conducted at the start can now be utilized to introduce your goods to the public. 

You can employ a sales force with expertise in the industry and familiarity with your company. This way, you won’t have to bother about the promotional aspect and can instead concentrate on your company.