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There’s no need to wait until retirement to live the life of your dreams in Portugal, where the sun seems to never set. One fantastic alternative is to launch a tourist business in Portugal, whether you need to earn a livelihood as part of your strategy or just want to create a side income. The atmosphere is welcoming in every way. Portugal has more days with sunshine than any other country in Europe. However, there is also a supportive business environment for people who are considering launching local businesses. The government of Portugal makes significant efforts to entice foreign investment, and some programs can significantly improve your profitability and standard of living.

Tourism business overview in Portugal

When you think about Portugal, your thoughts might immediately turn to the sea and beach. The seaside tourism industry, however, is just one of several possibilities. In Portugal, rural tourism is flourishing and becoming more and more popular. As an alternative, you might establish a base in a city. (Take note that there are now some Airbnb restrictions in Lisbon and Porto if your proposed company involves renting out accommodations.) Examining what is already available and seriously considering what you would truly enjoy doing are two excellent places to start when looking for early inspiration. Winery visits? Pilates vacations? kayaking tours of deserted islands? All of those are ways to understand seasonal trends. Similar to this, you should research seasonal tendencies before making any decisions. Several areas in Portugal have highly distinct seasons and off-season times, particularly seaside tourist towns. The Portuguese tourism board has shown to be skilled at luring tourists all year long. Some locations indeed lend themselves to year-round tourists more than others, though. Use the Algarve as an illustration. When the summer season has ended, several resorts, including Manta Rota and Altura, feel practically “closed.” Meanwhile, there is more than enough activity in Lagos and Tavira to sustain a tourism industry for a far longer season.

Considering geography and transportation options

Portugal is a country with a variety of topographies and ways of life. Nothing prevents you from purchasing a remote ruin and opening a silent yoga retreat (subject to the relevant licenses and permissions). However, it’s imperative to consider how clients will get to you if you want to draw them in. Lisbon, Porto, and Faro are the three primary airports in Portugal. It’s a good idea to take into account the distance from these and how simple it is to travel there and back, both by automobile and public transportation. Some people are prepared to travel great distances to reach remote locations. If you make it too difficult for weekenders and casual travelers, you run the danger of narrowing your potential audience to get to you.

Think about licensing and bureaucracy

Although things are progressively getting better, Portugal still has a high level of bureaucracy. It can be time-consuming and frustrating. Depending on the type of business you’re starting, different permits and documentation will be required. The most crucial step if you intend to rent out accommodations will be talking to your neighbors. It requires time and effort to secure these rental licenses. Proactive and severe enforcement is used. If you’re organizing sporting events or providing food, expect to have a lot more to consider. The best strategy is to be patient, maintain a positive attitude, and speak as much Portuguese as you can. Portugal has high regard for authority, and authorities dislike being hurried.

Find the best expert guidance

You will benefit greatly from working with reputable estate agents and attorneys when you launch your Portuguese tourism enterprise. You will be able to ask these people for guidance first. They might also be able to assist you in cutting through some of the bureaucracy. It is indisputable that in Portugal, having the correct contacts may have a significant impact. Particularly in small towns and communities, this is the case. Look for reliable referrals, and team up with qualified experts.

Plans for taxes and residence

It’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with Portugal’s two primary programs targeted at recent immigrants from other countries if you’re considering launching a tourism business there.

Start a tourism business in Portugal now

When everything listed above has been completed, it’s time to act. It’s essential to be aware that things can move somewhat slowly in Portugal, as was already mentioned. As a result, if you are awaiting licenses and documentation, do not anticipate that you will be able to start in time for an upcoming season.

When you’re prepared to begin searching for potential places for your Portuguese tourist business, have a look at these suggestions for setting up a viewing trip.