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In 2020, there were one million visitors in total, placing Paraguay 94th in the globe. It is clear that smaller nations consistently outperform larger nations in comparison to the total number of visitors. The results are significantly more similar when the number of tourists is compared to Paraguay’s inhabitants: Paraguay was rated 100th in the world with 0.16 tourists per citizen. It took fifth place in South America.

Approximately 104.00 million US dollars were produced by the travel industry alone in Paraguay in 2020. This amounts to 0.27 percent of the country’s GDP and about 1 percent of all foreign tourist expenditures in South America. The state is offering incentives to travel businesses to grow the country’s tourism sector.

Start a tourism business

The following are the basic steps to start a business in the country. 

Decide the niche 

When deciding how to start a business in tourism, you have a variety of possibilities. You can become a tour operator. Typically, a tour operator mixes tour and travel elements to create a vacation. You could start an accommodation business. Resorts, homestays, bed & breakfasts, dorms, rental homes, cabins, and any other facilities that travelers might utilize are included in this category. 

Sport fishing is the most popular type of tourism in Paraguay. Fishing is a prominent hobby in this city, and there are several fish-based meals on the menu, like Pira Caldo.

Consider your geographical position

Local tourist sites might provide you with a solid idea of what would and wouldn’t create a profitable tourism firm. Paraguay is famous for its lakes, rivers, and amazing adventurous sites. In Paraguay, many locations offer leisure activities. Sports activities like zip lining and climbing are available in a few of them. In addition, there are several places where one can conduct scientific studies for educational purposes, such as observing the local flora and wildlife. The nature reserves of Paraguay are spread out over the country.

Analyze the industry

Before deciding which tourism-related industry is best for you, do an extensive study on the local tourism industry. You should pick a less-crowded industry in the tourism industry where you can add something special.

Plan your business

The corporate plan serves as the framework for your tourism venture. Describe your company’s goals, name, site, staffing levels, leadership team, industry, competitors, marketing strategy, and projected financials in the plan.

You must also describe the goods and/or services your company will offer to tourists. Give details about your rivals and customer base. Describe your business’s operations, marketing strategy, and planned prices for goods and services. Additionally, describe your predictions for the costs and revenue of your company.

Obtain the required funding

To get the foundation and operational funds you’ll need to operate your tourist business, submit your strategic plan to prospective lenders and/or corporate associates.

Get the necessary business licenses 

A Municipal Corporate Licence must be applied for to establish a business in Paraguay. The jurisdiction where the firm will be located must receive an application for a license in person from the applicant. Candidates must fill out an application and send it in with the required paperwork. The council may review the request in roughly 20 days. After getting the license, you can apply for company registration. 

Market your tourism business 

Promote your travel agency by making use of social networking platforms. Create profiles or pages on cost-free social network platforms. Make a webpage for your travel agency. To improve the internet visibility of your website, make sure to engage an SEO expert. Include a listing for your company on all relevant online networks and review sites. Additionally, advertise in print publications like newsstand magazines.