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The number of tourists visiting North Macedonia consistently rises. The GDP of North Macedonia is heavily reliant on tourism. The nation is ideal for travel due to the vast variety of scenic and historical assets. In recent years, 1,184,963 tourists visited North Macedonia, 757,593 of whom were from outside the country.

The most well-known tourist sites for foreigners are Skopje, Ohrid, Bitola, Kratovo, Kruevo, and Prilep. Struga and Strumica, two more well-liked cities, each feature a variety of attractions.

If the nation’s tourism industry inspires you to launch your own travel business, you can do so without difficulty by following this manual.

Getting started as a local tour guide

A step-by-step manual for launching a tour guide firm is provided below:

  1. Examine your site 

The key to launching a tourist guide service is to do extensive homework and analyze the area. Find out as much as you can regarding the region and amass enough information. You should research different tourist attractions, such as the Tikves wine region. Tikves, famous for its outstanding wine, has good grounds in its rolling peaks and valleys, and its mild climate is ideal for foreigners.

Lake Ohrid, located in North Macedonia, is among the earliest and largest lakes in all of Europe. This habitat is significant and biodiverse. Numerous indigenous species can be found there. To serve customers effectively, learn more about these and other locations.

  1. Market investigation 

Before you begin working as a trip organizer, it is crucial to comprehend your rivals. Conduct thorough market studies and collect details on the group tours, methods, costs, etc., offered by other regional tourist guide businesses. With the use of this knowledge, you may design innovative, unique travel packages for travelers that nobody else is providing.

  1. Decide on your market 

There are numerous varieties of visitors, each with a distinct mindset. Adventure-loving backpackers, photographers, environmentalists, people interested in learning about native customs, etc. are just a few examples. Customize your travel bundle based on client types.

  1. Register the firm

The most popular corporate form for the tourism industry in Macedonia is a limited liability company due to its easy registration, favorable tax treatment, and quick start-up time. In Macedonia, LLCs can be established with an authorized capital of EUR 5,000 and up to 50 stockholders. When registering the firm, the Certificate of Incorporation and the Article of Association must be supplied. These papers must provide details on:

  • Business name;
  • Business activity;
  • Bank account details;
  • Founder details; and
  • Capital investment. 
  1. Tour operator service licenses 

You must receive the required licenses from the local government to start a tourist guide enterprise. You can register for a license with the local tourism guiding agency to become an authorized traveling guide.

  1. Plan your business 

Create a thorough business strategy utilizing the facts gathered. Give as much information as you can about your goals, administrative program, budget model, fee structure, and marketing strategy. Keep in mind that your company plan is your success blueprint.

  1. Provide effective service

With the use of an appointment planner, stay organized. Do not be delayed. Keep in mind that your customers have busy lifestyles of their own. To draw travelers, you can also create interesting itineraries. Try being adaptable and pay attention to the suggestions and recommendations of everyone. Make each vacation for your customers enjoyable and thrilling. 

  1. Advertise your tour operator and travel agency 

To succeed, you must actively market your company both physically and digitally. Make comprehensive informational company cards and pamphlets. Make trade arrangements with the restaurants, casinos, and tourism boards in your area. Additionally, pick the top commercial insurance that is offered.

Your effective communication and attitude are important because being a travel operator is a personalized job. The key to accomplishment is giving customers the best leisure time and putting a smile on their faces. Be compassionate and amiable in your demeanor.