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Forming a business often involves a short and straightforward company creation process. Both domestic and international investors who come to Lithuania intending to find a business are eligible for these perks. Tourism, food and beverage, and manufacturing are three sectors in the country where foreign investors can operate without any limitations. Among them, there are several options for people looking to launch tourism-related enterprises. The travel agency is one of the most prevalent industries in the country that deals with tourism.

The Lithuanian Tourism Act

The Tourist Act is the primary statute that controls how a tourism business may be established and run in the country. The statute specifies several criteria and conditions that applicants for such corporations must meet. There are two primary kinds of service providers for tourism: natural people registered with the local government and businesses registered with the Companies Registrar in Lithuania. Those who wish to operate as tour operators must adhere to this regulation.

Registration of tourism businesses 

Starting a corporation or sole proprietorship within the criteria of the Company Law is the first step in starting a tourist business in Lithuania. This requirement is also stated in the Tourism Act, which only accepts businesses who have registered with the Trade Register under the rules of this legislation when they apply for the required permits.

Submit an application

To form a tourist company in Lithuania, the investor must create the legal paperwork for the firm, which must include tourism as its primary economic activity. Get the certificate of registration after filing the necessary paperwork with the Companies Register. Sole traders only need to apply to small businesses. While sole proprietors must register with the municipal authorities, businesses must apply for a license with the State Department of Tourism.

Qualification of the manager

No matter the preferred business structure, the manager of a tourist company must possess a minimal set of qualifications, which include a college degree and at least two or three years of travel agency experience.

Register with the Tourist Services Registrar

The tourism firm must register with the Registrar of Tourist Services and receive a certificate of travel agency or tour operator once the chosen kind of company has been registered.

Services Lithuanian travel agents will provide

Whether a local or international investor founded the Lithuanian travel agency, it can provide the following services:

  • the planning and marketing of trips and holidays both inside and outside of Lithuania
  • the planning and marketing of tourism packages for inbound or outbound tours and vacations
  • the rental of transportation equipment and the sale of a variety of travel tickets to customers
  • arrangements with other tour operators to sell or buy tours and vacations
  • the organization of various tourism-related fairs, events, and conferences

Lithuanian travel agencies’ obligations

It is significant to note that only a contract signed by the customer and a representative of the Lithuanian travel agency enables the sale of tour packages, holidays, or tickets. A travel contract for a tour is what this is. The State Department of Tourism in Lithuania has established a standard form for tour travel contracts. The following details must appear in the contract: 

  • details about the client
  • The trip’s date, destination, length, and other conditions
  • the tourism package includes service
  • the cost and the method of payment for the trip
  • the date the contract was signed