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The registration of new businesses and their re-registration is handled by the Kosovo Business Registration Agency (KBRA). A single process is now required to get the Unified ID number, which serves as business registration, fiscal number, and VAT number. Depending on the applicant’s primary office or location, a request can be made at any KBRA municipal center. In 29 municipalities, one-stop shops have been set up, and they now regularly provide business registration and fiscal numbers (and, upon request, VAT registration) in a single process. The Kosovo Investment and Enterprise Support Agency (KIESA) is a state-run organization in Kosovo with the responsibility of fostering and assisting investments, exports, tourism, SMEs, and special economic zones.

Setting up a business in Kosovo

The standard procedure for starting a business in Kosovo is:

  • Opening a bank account in Kosovo
  • KBRA is a section of the Ministry of Trade and Industry.
  • creating a company seal
  • enrolling local employees in the pension plan with the Tax Administration

It might take two to eleven days to get the registration done. Among the entities that may be registered are sole proprietorships, general partnerships, limited liability companies, limited partnerships, and joint stock companies.

Conditions to register with the KBRA

A tourist business must meet specific standards to register with the Kosovo Business Registration Agency (KBRA). They consist of:

A request form

The applicant must finish an application form to begin registration. The application form is unique to the various sorts of applying business entities (natural persons doing business or corporations). Therefore, the applicant must be certain that they are aware of whether their application is for a corporation of some kind or for a natural person who will be registered to do business. You may download the application form from the official KBRA website or pick one up at any KBRA center.

Submission of the KBRA registration application

After completing the application form, the applicant or the designated representative for registration personally submits the form at any KBRA Service Center together with any other required supplemental documentation. The applicant or the authorized person presents an authentic identity document to the KBRA official, as well as written authorization for the authorized representative to act on behalf of the applicant during registration. The necessary paperwork is:

  • application for registration 
  • articles of incorporation
  • the business contract
  • consent of the registered agent Owners’ identification (ID, passport) document
  • a decision made by the original shareholders’ competent authority to form the new firm
  • a photocopy of the registered agent’s ID.

Checking the application

The application and supporting documentation will be officially verified as complete and accepted by KBRA and forwarded to the applicant. The receiving official will let you know if the application is wrong or incomplete and help you fill it out by providing explanations.


The applicant or their authorized representative must sign the application form after it has been submitted in its entirety.

No charge is required to be paid when establishing a new business, but it must be paid per administrative instructions supplied and published on the KBRA Tourism Register website when making modifications to an existing business.

Tourism register

The Department of Tourists under the Ministry oversees maintaining the Tourism Register, which is open to applicants in the tourism industry. Tour guides must submit a request for registration with the Kosovo Business Registration Agency on behalf of their businesses that are engaged in tourism. Data about tourist attractions and the various types of lodging are also included in the Register.