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The UNESCO-listed Cartagena and its historic surroundings, the insular departments of San Andrés, Providencia, and Santa Catalina, as well as Santa Marta and its surroundings, are just a few of Colombia’s top tourist attractions. Colombia also offers significant potential for ecotourism due to its very diverse terrain, which includes the Amazon and Andean regions, the Llanos, the Caribbean, and Pacific coastlines, as well as the deserts of La Guajira and Tatacoa Desert.

How to start a tourist business in Colombia

Starting a tour company may be a lucrative and interesting business enterprise. However, to guarantee the success of your business, it is crucial to thoroughly plan and prepare. The following are some actions you may take to launch a tour business in Colombia:

Study the market and the opposition

Find out what other tour operators are offering and the top trip kinds and locations in the nation. This will assist you in figuring out how to set your company apart and locate possible business partners or suppliers.

Develop a business plan

An outline of your ideas is included in a business plan. Your road map aids in guiding your decision-making on how to proceed. Include a description of your firm, a market study, potential collaborations, and small business objectives. Create a list of your products and services, as well as an operational strategy and a marketing plan. Make financial projections while keeping seasonality in mind.

Choose a legitimate business structure.

In Colombia, four different legal vehicle kinds may be established. You may decide what best meets your requirements. They are:

  • SAS (Sociedad por Acciones Simplificada or a Simplified Joint Stock Company)
  • Corporations (Sociedad Anonima)
  • Limited Liability Company (sociedad de responsabilidad limitada)
  • Limited Partnership (Sociedad en Comandita)

The most straightforward alternative for the majority of international investors is a simplified stock company (SAS) since it doesn’t need any extra procedures for formation. The legislation approving the construction of this skyscraper was approved in 2008. Since then, SAS has developed into a top choice for both domestic and international investors.

Register the business with the appropriate authorities

To register and incorporate a business in the nation, you’ll deal with three main institutions. They consist of the Colombian Tax Authority, the Chamber of Commerce, and the local bank of your choosing. The establishment of new businesses in Colombia is governed by the Chamber of Commerce. It guarantees that your registration complies with the prevailing legal framework and regulations. Additionally, it will provide a certificate verifying the legitimacy and standing of your business. Most commercial and governmental organizations operating in the nation will ask for this certificate while you are running the business. Your company is registered with the tax system by the Tax Authority. You get a unique tax number (NIT) as a result of this registration, which you may use to prove your identity and provide the required tax declarations.

Create a business bank account

To run your firm and receive funding from overseas investments, you must also register a corporate bank account. You will need to produce the Opening Balance Sheet of the Company, the Tax ID Certificate (RUT), the ID of the Legal Representative, and the Existence Certificate from the Chamber of Commerce for this rather simple procedure. Remember that some banks may have restrictions for creating an account.

Obtain the appropriate authorizations and licenses

You must receive the required licenses and permissions to run a tour business lawfully in Colombia. This might contain an insurance policy as well as a company or tourist license.

Promote your company

Create a marketing plan to advertise your excursions and attract visitors. This can include setting up a website, having a presence on social media, and using offline and online marketing avenues.

Offer top-notch tours

Make sure your trips are well-planned and provide your customers with a good level of service. This will promote word-of-mouth advertising and help you establish a reputation as a dependable and trustworthy travel operator.