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The Undersecretary for Tourists under the Ministry of Economy, Development, and Tourism is in charge of creating and putting into effect national tourism policies and strategies in Chile. The Ministry has undertaken several steps to enhance the institutional framework and governance of tourism. Starting a company in the tourist industry in Chile may be enjoyable and successful. But it requires meticulous preparation and taking into account many aspects.

Step on how to establish a tourist company in Chile

The following are some actions you may take to establish a tourist company in Chile:

Do some market research

It’s crucial to do your homework on the Chilean tourist industry before you launch your enterprise. This will assist you in determining possible rivals and the level of demand for your goods or services.

Create a business plan

You may define your target market, describe your marketing and sales strategy, and establish financial objectives for your company with the use of a business plan. It will be helpful while looking for financing or collaborations.

Decide on a corporate structure

You have the option of registering your company as a corporation, partnership, or single proprietorship. When choosing a company structure, take accountability, tax consequences, and convenience of administration into account.

Legalize the business

After choosing the structure that best fits the kind of business you are doing, you must legalize the company. A deed of incorporation is made with a notary’s assistance and must include the following:

  • Indicate whether the entity is a company or if partners are involved.
  • Location of the company
  • The amount of money invested by each partner, the nature of the partnership, and the capital of the firm
  • The company’s name and objectives
  • The total number of shareholders, shares, and board members, if appropriate.

Register with the commercial registry

You have 60 days to register the firm at the Commercial Registry once the deed is verified. This procedure may be completed in person at the Real Estate Registry or online on the registry’s website. The company’s deed would be required to complete the process.

Publication in an official journal

You must publish the firm’s official statement in the Official Gazette during the first 60 days of the company’s registration at the Chilean Registry.

Obtain the taxpayer identification number (Rolnico Tributario – RUT)

Before obtaining RUT, companies must formally create their firm following Chilean legislation. Before anything else, you must settle the business’ RUT with the Internal Revenue Service (SII – Servicio de Impuestos Internos). This RUT acknowledges you as a taxpayer.

Open a business checking account

You must create a bank account with the Chilean bank of your choosing when the company has gotten its legal registration. Companies may establish corporate banks in either Chilean Pesos or US Dollars, depending on the needs of the firm.

Obtain the appropriate authorizations and licenses

You may need to get certain licenses and permissions depending on the kind of tourism company you’re beginning. For instance, the Ministry of Tourism will need you to apply for a license if you want to open a travel agency. A license from the Ministry of Energy and Tourism is required if you are opening a hotel.

Choose a location

You must choose an appropriate site if you are beginning a physical tourism company, such as a hotel or tour operator. When selecting your location, take into account elements like accessibility, closeness to attractions, and the facilities offered.

Obtain funds

You could need to get finance from several sources, including banks, investors, or government grants, depending on the size and scope of your organization.

Determine and bargain with suppliers

You will need to collaborate with a variety of vendors as a tourist company, including airlines, hotels, and tour guides. Your company’s success will depend on your ability to successfully negotiate with these suppliers for advantageous pricing and conditions.

Create a sales and marketing plan

Plan how you will approach and draw in your target market and how you will advertise your company. This can include setting up a website, preparing marketing collateral, and attending trade shows.

Train and employ people 

To handle the many parts of a bigger tourist firm, you will need to hire and train staff. When choosing staff, take into account aspects like experience, aptitude, and cultural fit.