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In Bermuda, there are a few alternatives for business setup. Your alternatives depend on the type of company operations you engage in and whether you want to operate in the neighborhood market. In general, the creation of a limited company, partnership, or LLC that doesn’t need the Minister of Finance’s approval can be done within a day of receiving an application. If the Minister’s approval is necessary, processing time may take up to a week from the day the ROC receives all pertinent data about the proposed company and all personal information from the prospective beneficial owners.

To spend time in a different environment for either business or pleasure, persons who go outside of their home bases are considered tourists. Tourists include both leisure and business travelers, and they can travel both domestically (inside their own country) and internationally. Any enterprise focused on meeting the demands of tourists is a tourism business.

The steps required

The following is the procedure for starting a tourism business in Bermuda:

Choose the area of tourism you want to concentrate on

When it comes to starting a tourism-related business, you have some options to consider:

Service for moving people

This industry deals with getting visitors to, from, and all around the tourist site.

Travel companies

Travel agencies serve as a one-stop shop for all aspects of traveling, including lodging, meals, and activities.

Tourist guide

Typically, a tour operator mixes tour and travel elements to create a vacation. They create a schedule.

Destination management company

 A DMC specializes in the planning and execution of events, activities, tours, transportation, and program logistics, and has substantial local knowledge, skills, and resources.

Accommodation. Hotels, guesthouses, bed & breakfasts, hostels, rental homes, lodges, and any other accommodations that travelers might utilize are included in this category.

tourist guides and guided tours. A tourism company that specializes in giving educational and entertaining tours of a region’s local attractions is a guided tour service or professional tourist guide.


 Any restaurant or bar that tourists may frequent is considered a hospitality business.

Consider your geographical location

You may get a good notion of what would and wouldn’t make a viable tourism business from local tourist attractions. For instance, guided winery tours, local bed and breakfasts, and airport transportation services are all potential business possibilities if your area is far from the populous and abundant with wineries.

Evaluate the opposition

Before deciding which tourism-related business is best for you, do an extensive study on the local tourism industry. You should pick a less-crowded area of the tourism industry where you may make a special contribution.

Create a business plan 

The following sections should be included in your business plan, which is the blueprint for your tourism company:

Executive summary

The succinct summary gives a brief description of your company’s goals, name, location, personnel requirements, management team, industry, competitors, marketing strategy, and projected profits.

Summary of the tourism industry

This should include information about the ownership structure of the company and the prerequisites for starting it up (funding, assets, and location).

either goods or services. You must describe the goods and/or services your company will offer to tourists.

Research about the market

Give specifics about your target market and competitors.

Commercial tourism strategy

Describe your business’s operations, marketing strategy, and proposed prices for your goods and services.

Acquire the necessary business permits

Through the business regulatory division of your local government, obtain the required business license.

Promote your tourism company via social media

Create profiles or pages on cost-free social networking sites like Linked In. Make a website for your travel agency. If you want to enhance the online visibility of your website, make sure to engage an SEO expert. Include a listing for your company on all relevant online directories and review sites. You can also promote it through print media. Purchase advertising space in periodicals, trade, and lifestyle publications.