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From Q1 to Q2 2021, the commercial real estate rate in Denmark climbed by 0.5% points. Many older premises have been unoccupied as many major customers have relocated to newly constructed offices, which is the main reason for the growth. However, data from earlier in 2022 reveals a 30% decline in the volume of transactions involving commercial assets. Further declines in these numbers are anticipated. There is a shortage of desirable commercial properties, not a decline in demand, which accounts for the fall. Anyone interested in beginning their own commercial real estate company can start by studying this detailed instruction manual.

Starting commercial real-estate

The crucial steps for launching a firm in Denmark are listed below. 

  1. Align your corporation plan

Start developing your business plan while paying close attention to the features that will make you stand out from the competing real estate companies in your neighborhood. Give it serious consideration. Your personal and professional selves can blend in this situation to create remarkable, profitable results. 

Your corporate plan must outline the kind of business you intend to launch and the amount of investment you are prepared to make. Plan out your employees, location, anticipated profit, methods of operation, and ideal commercial properties as well.

  1. Create an organized marketing strategy

Making a marketing strategy is the most crucial step when beginning any kind of business. Your marketing plan might draw in potential customers and enhance the standing of your business. Develop the ability to carefully consider what is going on in your industry and be prepared to provide value to all of your customers, regardless of where they originate from. 

Your marketing plan needs to take into account distinctive strategies, offers, costs, and market trends. You must create social media channels and launch a website in Denmark to properly market your business and the properties you are seeking to sell. You can share the images and videos of the locations with your internet customers through these platforms.

  1. Get a license to sell real estate

A crucial first step in starting a corporate property firm is obtaining a brokerage license. Consult your local corporate licensing bureau to learn about the requirements because they vary from region to region in terms of time frames, requirements, and fees for obtaining a real estate license. After obtaining your permit, you can freely work in Denmark. 

  1. Register your real estate company

You can register your firm in Denmark if you have obtained the relevant licenses and approvals. Make a name reservation for your business before registering. Make sure you have both a tax ID and a bank account because the Danish authorities require them when you apply for registration. To register a company, submit a request form, a passport, trade information, corporate objectives, financial accounts, and tax information to the appropriate authorities.

  1. Hire the broker 

Make sure you have the necessary expertise and experience if you plan to manage your business procedures independently. However, you should engage brokers if you lack understanding or background in selling properties. Ensure the brokers have connections and prior experience. The broker can then assist you in expanding your clientele and boosting sales.

  1. Connect with others

Attending networking events and mingling with other local company owners are two ways to increase your business. After all, they could end up being future buyers. 

Invite people to your small gathering or host an open house and introduce yourself professionally. Your name will stick in people’s thoughts more as a result of your interaction and engagement. If they ever need you in the future, they will contact you.