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Located in Central Africa, the republic is one of the least populated countries in Africa. Facing development and challenges, doing business in this country is a bit difficult as it lacks certain infrastructure and facilities meant to increase the expansion of domestic businesses. With the increasing population, economic instability, and inflation, most companies find it difficult to survive often leading to liquidation. It is easy to start up a local business; the incorporation process takes little time provided all requirements are met in time. Although registration costs are a bit expensive. If the need to sell a business arises, the owner may advertise the sale to buyers directly or online. Selling a company is not a simple process but with the right broker, it can be easy. The best method of selling a company is by hiring an agent to advertise the business to global buyers.

If you own a business but considering selling out or you are interested in learning about the business sale within this country, here is an article that provides information on selling a company here. 

Doing business in the Republic of Congo

Incorporating an entity in the republic is a bit complex and consumes time. Aside from these, important factors like residency permits, and labor and tax regulations may change with little or no notice, making it difficult for businesses to adapt to the changes every time. When setting up a business, it is advisable to consult an attorney proficient in local and commercial laws. After this, becoming a member of a domestic business or commercial association might help reduce the burden of keeping up with consistent irregularities in the system. Also, they keep members in compliance with national and local regulations. 

All legal corporations must be registered in the commercial register before the commencement of business.  With so many local companies up for sale, the low standard of living, poverty, high cost of production, etc. might impend the process of finding the right buyers.  

Types of legal structures

Establishing a corporate body requires registering in the Trade Register of any country. Entities such as limited liability companies, public limited companies, partnerships, branches, representative offices, etc. can be set up easily. The kinds of entities existing here are: 

Sole proprietorship

This is a company usually established by a person known as a sole trader. He or she manages the business and is liable for debts and losses incurred. 


These are companies subject to corporate Income tax and other taxes. To set up a company, you will need a share capital before incorporation. Examples of a company are a limited liability company, a public limited company, etc. The liability of shareholders usually depends on the form of companies and shareholders.


A subsidiary is not a legal person but a branch office of a foreign company. It could also be a foreign representative office of a parent company abroad. They are similar but have certain differences.

Selling a company

The procedure of business sale includes costs, preparation of documents, legality, types of buyers, etc. When one wants to sell a business, the first step is consulting an adviser who possesses in-depth knowledge about the selling process is recommended. Next is knowing the right buyers to sell the company to help save time and money. After this, prepare the legal documents required for the business sale. Note that selling a company takes time and only good preparation can prevent waste of time and money as the costs of a sale depending on how long it takes.  The costs include the fee paid to the adviser or agent hired.