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Even in the best-case scenario, selling a firm in Eritrea requires a lengthy and complicated process. Therefore, there must be extensive planning before putting the firm on sale. Due to the necessity to thoroughly study every element of the organization, a portion of the planning may take months. You will have a thorough understanding of all the elements required in the transaction and be able to begin putting plans in place to secure the best outcome if you contemplate the next steps.

  1. Determine your goals 

You need to be very clear about why you’re selling. Since your business is typically your biggest single asset, deciding to sell it is going to be the most expensive choice. Before you initiate the marketing, you should come up with what is meaningful to you to optimize the worth you obtain and guarantee you get the conditions you want.

The next thing you need to do is decide when to trade and what conditions will satisfy you. You can decide whether your ambitions are reasonable given the state of the market by speaking with a financial advisor. 

Finally, since the various types of purchasers have varying goals, you should be aware of them before you list the business for sale. Different parts of your organization will attract one customer over another and they will have various sales procedures. Once you are aware of your goals, you must discover the ideal buyer to help you achieve them.

  1. Recognize what makes your company sellable 

The most crucial step in making your company marketable is ensuring it has a track record of consistent sales and profits. You must demonstrate a robust stream of fresh ideas or long-term deals with clients to demonstrate that you have a solid foundation on which to build future growth. 

You should be able to demonstrate the executive team’s expertise. You ought to start training your executive team well before your planned exit date because developing that ability and depth takes time.

Your distributor and client network will also be appealing to prospective clients. Concentrate to optimize this field because a well-functioning distribution network can make your firm highly appealing.

  1. Complete pre-sale procedures

You should strengthen your presale strategy as your leave date draws closer. You can avoid any prospective stumbling hurdles or last-minute customer concerns by making sure your pre-sale strategy is effective.

You should create a plausible justification for your desire to sell. Be able to concisely describe the financial records of your company. Start delegating more authority to your second-line supervisors, particularly if you plan to entirely quit the company. Give them tasks that are beyond their areas of specialization and push targets so they may learn about all facets of the company. Many buyers in Eritrea are drawn to good administrative personnel. They could perhaps buy your firm for their competence alone. 

  1. Manage your money 

Since you are unlikely to see a big yield on additional cash investments as you get closer to your planned withdrawal date, you will need to handle your funds in the company. You might wish to consider other options before investing your money.

Also, concentrate on enhancing your money flow by improving account payable arrangements and retrieving receivables earlier. Minimize or stop making needless financial investments. It might not be a good idea to start new study and innovation programs or purchase a new enterprise at this time. Uncompetitive subsidiaries or goods should also be sold off because they will make your main business less appealing to buyers. 

Ending note

A few months before your intended sale day, you should initiate your departure strategy. You must invest effort in organizing and researching if you want to achieve the greatest price for your company. Plan if you want to dictate when the sale will occur. 

Selling your company is a big decision that you shouldn’t make hastily. Engage with the top consultants you can discover in Eritrea. Never try to transfer your company without talking with experts first.