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The introduction of EOS (Economic Operator System) and EORI numbers throughout the EU is intended to make the interaction between economic operators and customs services more efficient. It was also made to improve statistics and ensure the ability to check counterparties. 

What is an EORI number? 

The Economic Operator Registration and Identification (EORI) number is a unique code used in the European Union which is issued to economic operators and other persons by the customs authorities of a Member State of the European Community. 

The EORI number is used to identify economic operators and other persons when processing customs documents. For example, when completing customs activities.  

The EORI number assigned in Lithuania is valid in all EU countries. Therefore, it is enough to receive it once. 

When is the EORI number required? 

  • The presence of an EORI number in Lithuania is required: 
  • during the import procedure into the EU (for the recipient and the declarant); 
  • when exporting from the EU (for the sender and the declarant); 
  • during the transit procedure (for the guarantor); 
  • for filing electronic declarations on the import/export of goods to/from Lithuania before the actual import or export of goods (for the person submitting this declaration and the carrier) 
  • for obtaining customs permits (including for the use of guarantees), as well as for agreeing on the electronic declaration (agreement on EDS). 
  • The EORI number is optional for individuals who can receive a limited validity number for a one-time customs declaration, which can be used during the day it is issued. If an individual plan to regularly carry out customs activities, it is necessary to obtain an EORI number. 

Structure of the Lithuanian EORI number 

If the legal entity is registered in  Lithuanian, then the EORI number consists of the letters LT, to which a unique number is added (usually a registration number). If the legal entity has a VAT number, then the EORI number is usually identical to the VAT number. 

Procedure for assigning an EORI number in Lithuania 

If the economic operator has not been registered with the Lithuanian customs, he/she can: 

  • apply for registration in advance, before he/she starts customs activities and receives an identification number in the CCR, which will be used as the EORI number; 
  • apply for obtaining an EORI number during his/her first customs operation. 

The identification number assigned for Lithuanian economic operators or legal entities will be used as an EORI number and will be uploaded to the central database. 

Documents for obtaining an EORI number in Lithuania 

Below is a list of what documents must be submitted by an economic operator to obtain an EORI number: 

  • Certified copy of the legal registration document for Lithuanian economic operators (legal entities); 
  • Identity document for Lithuanian natural persons; 
  • A certified copy or original of a document from the commercial register for economic operators (legal entities) of third countries; 
  • Valid passport or travel document of natural persons for third countries. 

Checking the EORI number 

It is worth checking the EORI number, first of all, for your company to make sure it is available and information is up-to-date. 

Secondly, it is often useful to check counterparties’ EORI numbers. 

For example, if you order international transportation and the carrier does not have an EORI number, this may indicate possible fraud or possible disruptions in the delivery time. 

You can check your EORI number, partner, or carrier on the website of the European Commission. You need to enter the number in the box and click on the “Validate” button. If the number is valid, the message “the number is valid” or “the number is not valid” will appear. As a rule, there is no other information. It is because the numbers, as well as the detailed information, are provided by the national customs services. If the owner of the EORI number did not indicate the need to publish additional data, then it will not be on the site. 

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