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The government openly supports the immigration of active foreign citizens and entrepreneurs capable of developing the country’s economy. The process of moving and obtaining citizenship is simplified for businessmen conducting any industrial activity. The cost of running a business is low, as is the availability of goods and materials. You can obtain a citizenship and residence permit in Tajikistan by applying to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Also, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the corresponding department of the President’s Commission are dealing with similar issues.

The following persons can obtain local citizenship:

  • whose close relatives are already nationals of the country;
  • at the time of birth of which their parents were residents of Tajikistan.

Representatives of other states and stateless persons can apply for official registration of Tajikistan at any time.

To obtain a passport, you must have continuously lived in the local territory for more than five years. Some circumstances greatly simplify the consideration and adoption of the desired decision:

  • in the past, have the citizenship of the USSR;
  • adopt a minor resident of the country;
  • to reach great heights in the branches of science and industry, in which the local economy is interested;
  • to marry a citizen of Tajikistan.

The business culture of Tajikistan

Business etiquette here is a mixture of European and Asian styles. Most entrepreneurs print their business cards in English and Russian.

Be patient with potential partners. Tajik businessmen can show their hospitality by inviting their partners for a cup of tea. Such meetings are often held in an informal setting, and alcoholic beverages are often served. Toasting and quoting national poetry is very common. Therefore, in some situations, an experienced and competent translator will be needed.

When it comes to advertising campaigns, it is necessary to comply with the “Law on Advertising”, which requires the use of Tajik in advertising content, although many billboards in Dushanbe also contain information in English.

Business forms in Tajikistan

Enterprises here can be different. The most common types of organizational and legal forms in the country:

  • Limited Liability Companies.
  • JSC and CJSC.
  • Various branches of large companies.
  • LLC 

The business policy for an LLC in Tajikistan is very flexible. The capital must be 400 times higher than the minimum wage, which is 10 thousand somoni or approximately 16 thousand US dollars. Own equity shares determine capital investments. LLC can be part of any type of activity permitted by internal legislation.

  • JSC

can have an unlimited number of shareholders. The minimum amount on the account must be 1,000 times higher than the fixed salary, that is, at least 250,000 Soms or 40,000 US dollars.

  • Company

limited to 50 shareholders. The lower limit of the authorized capital is 400 minimum wages. ZAO can engage in any type of activity permitted by law. Business management shares are distributed exclusively between the founders or another specific group of people. Such organizations are managed through gatherings held at least once a year.

  • Branches

considered as a subdivision of the head office of a foreign legal entity. Provides for the implementation of all or part of the functions of the company. Representative offices can reflect the interests of their parent companies.

How to open a business in Tajikistan

To start a business in Tajikistan, you must accept the following company registration procedure:

  • Receive a receipt confirming the payment of the registration fee. It will take 1 day.
  • Register an organization with a notary and receive a certificate of state registration and tax identification number (TIN) at the registration chamber of the city of Dushanbe. It will take 5 days. Corresponding expenses: 1 thousand somonis as a state fee + 80 somonis as payment for an extract summarizing information about a registered enterprise.
  • Get the code from the Statistical Committee. It will take 1 day, no fees will be charged.
  • Sign up with the Social Security and Pension Agency and get your SIN. This procedure is free and takes 14 days.
  • Make a company seal. It will take 3 days. The cost will be 70 somonis.
  • The Ministry of Justice is responsible for the state registration of licensed entities.

Upon registration, applicants must submit:

  • Application form.
  • Draw up a document of the registered person.
  • Appoint ahead of the company.
  • Write out data of an individual or legal entity.
  • Provide the actual address of registration.
  • Pay the state fee and provide a receipt.
  • The registration process takes about 10 days, at which time the ministry must prepare a certificate of your registration.