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Approximately 770 miles (1,240 km) southeast of New York City in the North Atlantic Ocean sits Bermuda, a self-governing British offshore region. Government offices and the island’s financial industry are located in Hamilton, the main city. The old Royal Naval Dockyard, currently one of the island’s top tourist destinations, is located to the west of the medieval city of St. George’s, which dates back to the 17th century.

Companies looking to join the Bermuda market must abide by the country’s stringent regulations for doing business there. The best way to enter the industry is to do an industry investigation to identify potential areas of interest. A person looking to start a business must create a solid business strategy. After creating a plan, meet with prospective collaborators, suppliers, or resellers, make marketing strategies, and allocate financial help. A quality after-sales experience is crucial. The basic market entry strategies for anyone looking to start a business in Bermuda are mentioned in this article. 

Physical remoteness, high import taxes, a high cost of living, a lack of available land for growth, and the need for work permits for foreigners are some of Bermuda’s market problems.

Market entry in Bermuda 

There are numerous options for a business to enter a new market. There isn’t a single market entry technique that works for all global markets. In some sectors, direct shipping may be the best course of action, while in others, you may need to establish a joint venture. 

Your approach will be influenced by a variety of variables, such as tariffs imposed, the level of product modification necessary, and marketing and shipping expenses, among others. While these elements can raise your expenses, it’s anticipated that the growth in sales would more than make up for those expenses. The main entry possibilities available to you are as follows.

Exporting directly 

It means selling straight into the Bermuda marketplace while utilizing your means is known as direct exporting. Once a sales program has been developed, you can search for dealers to promote them in the industry. Distributors collaborate directly with you to advance your goals. It is crucial to choose your dealers and distributors in much the same manner you would a key employee because they serve as the public face of your business.


In Bermuda, franchising is a common method for quick industry growth. For businesses with a consistent corporate strategy that is simple to adapt to new areas, franchising is effective. Before starting your franchise you must take into account that your corporate idea should be extremely original. 

Joint ventures 

A specific type of collaboration called a joint venture entails the establishment of a third, independently managed business. Profits and risks are typically distributed equally in this type of business. 


From a straightforward co-marketing deal to an intricate strategic partnership for production, there are many different ways to partner. The partnership is a particularly helpful technique in areas where the corporate and social cultures are materially different from your own. If you are unaware of Bermuda culture and trends, make sure you choose a local ally. Local associates offer local market expertise, connections, and, clients. 

Purchasing a Business 

Purchasing an established local business may be the best entrance option in Bermuda. You can purchase a firm if it is a direct rival of yours, or has a sizable portion of the market. It is undoubtedly the most expensive, and doing thorough due diligence is necessary to ascertain a company’s genuine market value abroad. On the plus side, using this entrance method will give you the appearance of being a local business right away, giving you access to established clientele, market expertise, and favorable treatment from the government.