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A restaurant is among the most common business types that foreigners register when opening a business in Slovenia. This is due to the pervasive habit of eating out and the need for multicultural food from both locals and tourists who live in or visit Slovenia. Slovenia provides an excellent agricultural foundation for raising quality culinary products, chefs, and seasoned waiters. However, creating a restaurant and serving your country’s food inside it would be a wonderful business idea for Slovenia to diversify the variety of international cuisine available there. The following article can explain how to start one.

What you need to do to start a restaurant in Slovenia

You must choose the type of business you wish to establish before operating an eatery in that state. Sole proprietorships, limited liability companies, and public limited companies are your options. Slovenian tax identification numbers must also be obtained by non-residents. The process of registering a company serves as the next stage. You must prepare the following information to do this: a name for the company, information about its representatives, the location of the company’s headquarters, a list of the firm’s activities, and tax registration. In Slovenia, opening a restaurant is a straightforward process that entails doing the following:

You must first establish a firm

You would first need to register a company before you could open an eatery in that state. You can form an LTD business with 7500€ in share capital as a non-EU citizen. You can start by setting up a subsidiary or representative office if your business is already established overseas. For your firm to begin operating restaurants, some requirements must be met. To operate the restaurant business activity following Slovene law, several requirements must be met. They usually deal with the hygiene requirements when handling food goods and the technological standards of the business premises. To open an eatery, you must guarantee that the dining area meets minimal technical standards, that some outdoor areas meet specified requirements, and that the municipality has authorized the work schedule. The business location must contain a kitchen, dining, and bar space, as well as guest restrooms. You must also make sure that there is a restroom and changing area for the staff. You must be able to provide a menu of both warm and cold dishes, as well as drinks when opening a restaurant. You would need to supply a price list for your eatery. Additionally, selling cigarettes and alcoholic beverages is subject to restrictions and requires separate authorization. In addition, you would have to follow HACCP guidelines for food safety.

What to take into account before operating a restaurant in Slovenia

There are a few things to think about if you decide to invest in Slovenia and open a restaurant. These consist of:


Your restaurant’s Slovenian location should meet the bare minimum standards for accommodations. To use a certain location for a restaurant company, you need the municipality’s consent. Additionally, the restaurant’s exterior spaces must adhere to the same standards.

The activity you’ll engage in 

You can prepare and sell food and beverages in a restaurant or sell food products as standalone entities on wheels or on a ship.

Providing your customers with individual products

Such as cigarettes, chewing gum, and souvenirs, in addition to food and beverages. 

Hiring personnel

In Slovenia, the number of people working in your restaurant is generally based on its size. Be aware that the city municipality must approve the work timetable.

Permits and licenses

In Slovenia, opening a restaurant is not subject to getting a permit. However, selling food and beverages necessitates the acquisition of numerous food safety licenses from qualified authorities.