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The kind of operations you want to launch in Serbia and the amount of capital you want to put into the business formation depend on each other. In Serbia, opening a restaurant—whether from scratch or through acquisition—can be a smart financial move. In this post, you can learn more about the prerequisites and how to operate a diner in Serbia.

Step by step guide to starting a restaurant 

Whatever your educational history or degree of expertise, nothing can fully prepare you for opening your new venue or, for that matter, any kind of firm. However, by following the instructions below, you can prevent some of the most typical errors.

Identify a niche 

Serbians enjoy eating, and there are many different restaurants there. To keep the restaurant functioning properly, many various abilities are required, such as a thorough understanding of food. You can choose from a cuisine that is popular around the nation. Sarma, cevapi, gibanica, urbebas, ajvar, kajmak, or anything sweet are the most famous items in Serbia.

You can even put together a customized menu featuring special cuisines from around the world. What food type do you notice is lacking when you look around? What gourmet void remains unfilled? Would operating a food truck, a restaurant, or a pizza place be the most beneficial for your target market? You can find answers to these questions while looking for a niche. 

Make a business plan

Your eatery business strategy is the formula you’ll adopt to ensure the sustainability of your venture, similar to how recipes provide a road map for making a delicious dish. The corporate strategy essentially involves asking yourself questions about your prospective diner that make you evaluate the target market you serve and any obstacles you may not have considered. 

When properly carried out, this procedure will assist you in defining the subsequent steps necessary to start your eatery, giving you the best chance of success.

Select the legal form. 

By following the guidelines of a limited liability corporation, which is the ideal legal structure for this form of enterprise, your restaurant can open in the country. The Corporate Registration Office in Serbia is where the registration process begins. 

Your company’s foundation, the Articles of Association must be submitted. It contains details on the owners, registered capital, etc. Additionally, you need to register your restaurant with the appropriate authorities under a distinctive name. Your company needs a bank statement demonstrating that a bank account with the required minimum share capital has been opened. Last but not least, a health and food license is required for the restaurant to establish in the country.

Obtain the tax ID 

The tax id number, which is a required component of taxpayer registrations in Serbia, is a one-of-a-kind number used to recognize taxpayers who are corporate units. 

The Tax Authority handles licensing and issues legal economic organizations with a Tax File Number. When an entity is registered in Serbia, a tax id is assigned, and it is used throughout the entity’s lifespan. 

The filed application for the assignment of a Tax Id is decided by the Head Office of the Tax Authorities. The taxpayer must also submit the required paperwork, such as a completed PR1 form, a POA, and a justification for the requirement for a TIN.

Obtain the permits 

Obtaining food and health regulation licenses is the key to staying in compliance. These permits attest to your ability to handle, store, and securely serve food. Getting a snack truck or even a stand at a fair also requires a permit. 

Offering liquor has its own unique set of licenses and regulations. This includes instruction on dealing with patrons who may have binged and safe alcohol serving.

Purchase a restaurant in Serbia

Foreign investors can purchase a Serbian restaurant that has already been operating or not. It is important to ask for help in this regard if you are interested in buying a closed eatery due to financial difficulties because you need to determine whether the business has liabilities or other issues. If you want to purchase a restaurant in Serbia, you must first verify the company.