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A difficult and demanding procedure, together with some earlier activities that define the design of your prospective firm, is necessary to establish a firm in the culinary industry, such as a café, casual dining outlet, etc.

Starting an eatery in Romania entails deciding the structure that your company will take and also authorizing it with the trading registry to qualify as a corporate construct under the regulations of legislation No. 31/1990 on businesses. This is done before filing the provisions for acquiring the approvals particular to this field of business. To submit the capital, you must additionally create a credit account in Romania.

The regulatory measures 

To establish the restaurant you must comply with all legal procedures and receive a few approvals. The owner must request verification or reservation of the availability of the company name. They must also determine the scope of activity of the future company. The activity of your company should be chosen by selecting the categories framed by the following CAEN codes in this area:

  • 56 restaurants;
  • 561 restaurants;
  • 562 catering; and
  • 563 bars and beverages servers. 

Articles of association 

To establish the most crucial elements of the new catering services, the business must draught the certificate of incorporation. It contains:

  • Personal details of owners;
  • Name of the eatery;
  • Location;
  • The company’s initial investment amount;
  • The liability of each shareholder of the company for losses and benefits; and
  • The bankruptcy and insolvency details. 

Sanitary-Veterinary permit 

You will have to get sanitary-veterinary approval to step into the culinary industry after the completion of the preparatory activities and the incorporation of your firm into the commercial directory. The sanitation body is responsible for monitoring the compliance of businesses involved in the sale of both livestock and vegetarian products, as well as operations related to eateries, processed food, and banquets.

You must create a document that includes the corporation’s distinctive reference number, the verifying certification, a vision of the eatery that shows the item storing places, restrooms, etc., and the appeal paper for the sanitary and veterinary license to receive this approval.

Other licenses 

The restaurateurs must additionally apply for other required permissions in addition to the sanitary permit. To begin operating the restaurant, an environmental license from the federal environment control department is required. Additionally, the municipality where your cafe or business location is established must provide you with operating permission. 

You also need to finalize certain agreements that are necessary for particular tasks in the food industry, such as:

  • Sanitation agreements;
  • Disinfection and pest control deals;
  • Healthcare contracts of staff; and 
  • Sanitary training of staff agreement.

Romanian restaurant opening procedures 

The basic actions you must take to open your eatery in the nation are listed below.

  1. Business plan 

A thorough business plan, which explains your goal by describing how your enterprise will manifest and function, is the foundation of your restaurant’s prosperity. Your food sales pitch should have an economic evaluation, promotional strategy, and executive description.

The ability to identify any possible difficulties you may have before launching your diner is one of the key advantages of developing a business strategy.

  1. Funding

You must make a sizable initial investment to establish a restaurant, and it might be challenging to obtain the money required to get started. Nevertheless, there are a few choices available in the country to assist new entrepreneurs with their financing. OTP Bank, Deutsche bank, Leaseplan, BNP, and UniCredit groups are best known for providing corporate loans. 

  1. Location 

It’s necessary to undertake a careful analysis of the city and neighboring areas because the size of your venue is essential to the future growth of your company. The cities with the best restaurants and cafés include Bucharest, Brasov, and Sinaia. To draw more people, you can check out the prominent sites in these cities.

  1. Staff 

Before you start your business, you must make the effort to carefully select the staff members who will be important to your company’s survival. Take your time during the hiring process. Spend some time locating the ideal individuals who will represent your brand and match your interest.

  1. Marketing

Building a successful firm requires marketing constantly. Since most customers research a company online before choosing to visit, it’s crucial to make sure your eatery is easily reachable and visible across as many internet channels as you can.