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The Lesotho Company Law’s specified company formation processes must be followed when a restaurant is opened there. You must decide on a legal structure for your business and apply for a license demonstrating that the location and facilities are suitable for running a food business.

A manual for starting a restaurant

There are several processes involved in starting a restaurant, both before and after operations begin.

Pick a simple idea

For entrepreneurs who want to launch this kind of establishment, this is the first step. The sort of cuisine offered, and the restaurant’s appearance and design will both play significant roles in how the establishment positions itself in the market and implements effective branding and marketing initiatives.

Select the menu

The menu will be another important choice when starting a restaurant; initially, investors can only choose from the fundamental groups of menu items that the restaurant will provide.

Make a strategy

Investors should begin developing a strategy as soon as selections regarding the specific restaurant profile are finalized. The investor should now produce market research for the city or area where the restaurant will be located. At this phase, the investor should also consider a financial forecast and marketing plans.

Choose the location

Select the site carefully since it may have a big influence on the success of the company. It must be both visible and reachable, and it must also consider the nearby competitors. Investors should also make sure that the demographics of the region where the restaurant will be located match the demographics of the intended customers.

Get the licenses

Although there are no criteria for the credentials of restaurant operators in Lesotho, the establishment itself and the premises should comply with the laws currently in effect. There will be certain permissions required for fire safety, public health, and other reasons.

Registering the company

The One-Stop Business Facilitation Centre (OBFC), which is run by the Ministry of Trade & Industry Cooperatives and Marketing, is where registration is completed. With the help of the OFBC, conducting business with business registration is made simpler, quicker, more transparent, and user-friendly.

Pick a company name

One of the most important things to think about when starting a business and registering it is the name of the business. The name of a business should not be vague, deceptive, or disparaging. The business name cannot be the same as any Lesotho-registered name or any well-known trade name or trademark without the trademark holder’s permission. It is advised that potential applicants check the business registration before applying to make sure the name they choose is accessible. You will need to select a different name if the one you like is already taken. This is possible online.

Open a profile online

You may complete this process quickly and easily. Click “Register as a New User” in the Companies Register to sign up. Simply enter your information, including your username and password, to register as a user. You’ll get an email confirming your registration details. Following the completion of this general registration, you are now qualified to gain authority over the business. If you form a new business online, you will be given the authority to make further filings.

Register your company

Enter your username and password in the Companies Register. Send a form to establish an internal corporation after that. Under Online Services, choose the kind of business. Then click submit after providing the required data and documents.

Set up a savings account

Most registration-related paperwork must be submitted for a fee. To pay for your online purchases, you must have a Deposit Account. The ability to deposit funds before utilizing them to pay for services is provided by a deposit account, commonly referred to as a pre-paid account. Customers who upload registration papers online will get a payment confirmation on their screen. To regularly put money into their account, you can also stop by the OBFC Finance Office.