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The sea and the desert encircle Kuwait. The food in Kuwait reflects both cultures. Many businessmen in Kuwait want to open culinary businesses because of the country’s fondness for fine dining and eateries. 

But opening a restaurant means competing in a very cutthroat market. In Kuwait, there are over a thousand dining establishments, and most of them fail during the debut year. because they don’t distinguish themselves or provide something unique. 

In this manual, we’ll explain how to start a restaurant while avoiding the typical blunders that most inexperienced hoteliers make.

Instructions for opening a bistro

Whatever your educational history or degree of expertise, it can never fully equip you for opening your diner or, for that matter, any kind of enterprise. Even still, there are some aspects of running a restaurant that you can only acquire from practice, no matter how much homework you do. However, you can prevent a few of the most typical errors by following the instructions below.

  1. Identify a niche 

There are many various types of restaurants throughout the nation, and it needs a range of abilities to keep them operating well. The greatest method to keep your firm afloat is to make a cautious niche selection. You must find out what the Kuwaiti people like or don’t like about their meals. Kuwaitis generally enjoy spicy meals. To draw in more locals, choose a few of the peppery, native foods like Mach-boos. Create a menu using well-known foods like pizza or hamburgers if you intend to serve foreigners.

  1. Select the name and legal form 

If you intend to use a distinctive title for your eatery, go ahead and file your “creating venture” moniker with the relevant government entity. By doing so, you will prevent another company from stealing your suggestion for a name. 

Choose a corporate unit structure for your diner once you’ve decided on your name. The organizational form you select will influence how you submit your corporate tariffs, the responsibilities of various individuals, and how you can be found accountable if anybody brings a lawsuit against your company. You can set up your business in Kuwait as a closed joint stock company, joint venture, establishment, or limited liability corporation. The most popular corporate structure in Kuwait for dining options is the limited liability firm.

  1. Obtain the tax ID

You must apply for a tax ID at the local tax office. To register with the tax authority, an enrollment request must be filled out, approved, and delivered along with several supporting papers. These papers include: 

  • The certificate of establishment; 
  • The business agreement;
  • The company registration papers;
  • The company’s location in Kuwait or another country;
  • The deductible credential; and
  • An approval letter properly signed by a corporation’s accredited member.

Restaurants operated by Kuwait and the other members of the Gulf Cooperative Organization are excluded from taxes. All revenues and financial earnings made by establishments that are operated by foreigners are taxed. 15% is the fixed amount for tax. 

  1. Obtain licenses

You must present a request to the Department of Commerce outlining the type of restaurant you are operating, where it is located, and the projected expenditures. Additionally, you must confirm that the site is appropriate for diners. 

In addition to these variables, the security of the building in terms of fire threats should also be taken seriously. To open a cuisine in Kuwait, you will need to have the following permits and authorizations: 

  • The city services agency’s support;
  • The sanitary agency’s permission;
  • Baladiya permit; and
  • The Kuwait fire department directorate’s clearance to guarantee safety procedures.

Your planned location for the diner or snack bar would be examined by an official committee sent by the agencies after receiving this authorization and providing the necessary paperwork. Your company location has to comply with the conditions to be granted a dining license. Cooking and serving are mostly carried out by staff and cooks. Thus, you must consider your staff’s health. Therefore, the kitchen employees would have to go through routine healthcare checks.

  1. Fund your restaurants 

If you want to open a bistro, you probably need capital from somebody, unless you are financially secure. 

Although there are many other ways that founders choose to fund their companies, the most popular strategy is to seek out corporate financing. 

Many entrepreneurs have access to a broad range of credit facilities, from conventional banking to non-bank loan providers. The top banks where you can apply for corporate loans in the country are Gulf bank, Burgan bank, KFH, and National bank of Kuwait. 

The conclusion 

Running your diner can be a never-ending, round-the-clock challenge, therefore being a caterer is not for the weak of heart. Each restaurateur faces unique difficulties and issues depending on the kinds of restaurants and areas they manage. The preceding stages can be an excellent place to start if, however, the cuisine is your obsession and operating a bistro is your aspiration.