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Unsafe food is a major source of morbidity. The Ministry of Health’s responsibility is to ensure that the food that the general population consumes is safe and to avoid morbidity from any chemical or microbiological risks in the food. In Israel, the MoH oversees the various and varied businesses that provide the populace with food. The National Food Service oversees overseeing food production facilities, including catering services, under the MoH. The Environmental Health Department oversees restaurants, different hospitality businesses, food markets, grocery stores, dellies, butcher shops, major supermarkets, and marketplaces for it.

Environmental Health Department’s endorsement of a business

Before starting construction on a food company, a person or group wanting to launch one must first have the Environmental Health Department at the Health Bureau’s approval. Construction permits for the building that will house the restaurant are issued by the Environmental Health Department. For those wishing to operate a food company, the agency also approves applications for business licenses. The Health Department must approve any person who wants to open a restaurant inside a shopping center, other commercial building that is already open for business, or in a location where another business or even another kind of restaurant has previously operated. To ensure the sanitary conditions needed for the restaurant, this is necessary.

Restaurant owners’ business licenses

The local government in whose jurisdiction the business is located must ask for the MoH’s approval before receiving a business license. The local government (LG) may issue the license while considering additional approval sources.

How to apply for a restaurant business license

To apply for a restaurant business license:

send in your application

In line with the legislation and the rules, apply to the local administration to start a restaurant.

submitting a request for approval

With the necessary paperwork, the LG applies to the Health Bureau.

examining the application

One of the following four designations will be made once the MoH’s experts have examined the business’s records and sanitary conditions in line with the laws and any standardized specifications that may apply.


insofar as the company complied with the uniform specification and the necessary legislation for its type of operation.

Prerequisite approval

Entails requirements that must be met before the local government will provide the license.

Confirmation of the requirements

Which must be accomplished per the deadlines specified for each need. The LG may grant a license with approval if the requirements are met (after obtaining the license).


A refusal is issued along with a list of the faults since the testing revealed that the company did not adhere to the regulations. The local government is notified of the denial, and the chosen business owner is also given a copy.

New application to the Ministry of Health

The Ministry of Health and the local authority may be notified of the remedy of the flaws and a re-inspection may be requested if the defects are correctable and do not pertain to significant changes in the designated business’s physical structure. The local government must receive a fresh application if the cited defects call for alterations to the structure.

Registering the restaurant

Obtaining business registration paperwork that has been certified by an attorney is the first step. This will cost ILS 1,753 + 16% in VAT and take three days. The second is to file the registration paperwork with the Ministry of Justice for ILS 2,491 and an extra ILS 2 per page in the Articles of Association. It needs a day to do this. The Income Tax Department of the Ministry of Finance is where you must next register the restaurant for taxes. It takes 15 days and is free of charge. Do your VAT registration with the Customs and VAT Department of the Ministry of Finance. This may be completed in a single day and is free of charge.