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Ghanaians are no exception to the rule that everyone enjoys good food. Opening a restaurant in Accra is a dream for many people, but if you don’t take the following important advice into account, your dream could quickly become a nightmare.

Having a concept 

Your restaurant must provide a special or once-in-a-lifetime experience (if that is possible). It might do this by adopting a “make your own dish” idea, a barbeque theme, a spinning room, or a suspending table like some restaurants in high-rise structures do. The most important thing is to establish an atmosphere that will leave a lasting impression on the visitor. Like that, the décor shouldn’t be separate from the theme your business is attempting to establish. For instance, using fine tableware in chicken wings joints or disposable plates in a classy sushi joint would be incorrect. To give your customers a harmonious atmosphere that almost goes unnoticed because of how natural and authentic it is, the cuisine, service level, music, and décor aspects must synchronize effectively.


Everything must be accessible. The likelihood of success increases as you make your restaurant more accessible. It’s not always the case that a location is perfect for a company like a restaurant just because it’s available for rent or looks great. It needs to be simple to find and situated in a pleasant area for people. The most accessible restaurants are those in terms of brand, location, and even pricing range. Due to how easily accessible they are, fast food and casual eateries prosper. Some claim that because they want to build a destination restaurant, the location doesn’t matter. But some of the most prosperous restaurant owners will tell you that if you don’t start with a wonderful location in mind, it is difficult to become a destination.

Formation of team

Without an excellent chef and a dedicated staff, no restaurant can succeed. You’ll deal with the most common issue in the restaurant industry, needless drama, frequently if your chef, waiters, etc., don’t comprehend or fit into your restaurant idea. Employing professionals or those with restaurant experience is insufficient. They must comprehend and share their passion for the restaurant’s mission and goals. Make sure they receive all types of training on hospitality, service, and customer care. There have also been intriguing instances in which a waiter has intervened to save the life of a customer who was choking. Therefore, having a basic understanding of emergency procedures would be helpful.

Quality service

Never be stingy when it comes to your visitors. If you are buying desserts, furniture, or other items, it is vital to understand that everything your guests use, or touch is significant. Spend a sizable amount of your profits on enhancing their experience. This promotes more favorable comments. When patrons enter your restaurant, they must feel as though they are the most important people in the world. To enhance their experience in your restaurant, find out what they need and surprise them with special music for birthdays, anniversaries, etc. Going above and beyond to make someone feel unique will ensure that they return and suggest you to others seeking a similar experience.

Capital needs

Setting aside a sizeable sum of money as working capital at the outset is crucial whether you are just starting or have plans to open a restaurant. It may last anywhere from six months to a year. People typically don’t start making a sizable profit from many restaurant companies until beyond the aforementioned time frame. Therefore, it would be wise to provide an allowance for any unforeseen difficulties or costs that come up frequently in the restaurant industry. Therefore, even if sales are strong at first, be careful not to get too confident. In the honeymoon stage, people frequently indulge in excessive behavior.