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Croatia is a medium-sized European nation, its official name is the Republic of Croatia. The population is 4.298.889 people (2011 population census). Zagreb serves as Croatia’s primary economic, political, scientific, social, and business hub. The capital is Zagreb. Split is the Republic of Croatia’s next major city. To the east are Serbia and Bosnia-Herzegovina to the north are Slovenia and Hungary, and to the south is Montenegro. To the west, it shares a maritime border with Italy. The Republic of Croatia joined the European Union as its 28th full-member state in 2013. One of the fundamental objectives of foreign policy was that. That action undoubtedly increased the market’s appeal to international investors. That action undoubtedly increased the market’s appeal to international investors. It opened up fresh channels for the unrestricted movement of money, people, technologies, and other things. The Croatian Kuna is the country of Croatia’s official currency. The combined EURO currency will be introduced in the future.

Company in Croatia

The foundation may typically be finished in a few days, and there is a strong tendency to lower administrative procedures, making it quite easy to launch a firm in Croatia. After a company is established in Croatia, it must maintain financial records and file tax administration reports. The majority of the time, business owners delegate this task to external collaborators, namely accounting services. The majority of government-run services use B2G systems, which are fairly simple to use after the proper certificate has been obtained. Every entrepreneur should get familiar with the fundamentals of the tax system. The Croatian tax system is quite similar to the bulk of the tax systems of other EU member states because the Republic of Croatia is a member of the EU.

How to incorporate a business in Croatia

The following are the various processes required:

Fina (Financial Agency)

It is vital to have a chosen name for the company before visiting Fina. will verify that the firm name is available.

Official notary

In the absence of a certified power of attorney specifying otherwise, all founders and directors must be present. The necessary paperwork is created and checked in the notary’s office before being sent to

Register for court and payment

Returning to FINA, the certified documents will be delivered and the process of becoming registered in the court register will begin, resulting in the completion of the initial payment (share capital and fees).

Personal identification number (OIB) and the establishment decision

Awaiting the Commercial Court’s response (usually within 24 hours). The firm will be registered if everything has been properly processed and supplied up to this point. Company registration can already be accessed in 1–3 days.


Obtaining the Company Registration, OIB, and Statistical Number opens the door to the possibility of opening a bank account and the requirement to apply for Croatian Health and Pension Insurance.

How to purchase a Croatian shelf company

A shelf corporation is a legally established business that hasn’t been conducting any operations. Even if the entity’s business name is registered, it has no assets or liabilities. The procedure for purchasing a shelf firm is as follows:

  • To get professional assistance in purchasing the best business for you, start by locating a company formation company or a lawyer.
  • Be sure to let the experts know what you need.
  • The incorporation company needs your identifying documents; provide your passport or government-issued ID. All paperwork needs to be notarized. The Croatian Consulate is required to notarize any non-EU document.
  • Pay the proforma invoice as soon as you get it.
  • You will receive corporate documents to sign from the business formation agency.

Take away

Numerous business owners find Croatia’s business climate to be appealing, which has attracted many investors who wish to establish themselves here. A shelf company might make it less difficult than usual to launch a business quickly in the nation. By purchasing an existing business, you can skip the typical registration steps. You receive a company that is customized to your needs, allowing you to start doing business as soon as the ownership transfer is complete.