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The main advantage of doing business in Gabon is that this jurisdiction can serve as a reliable platform for bringing your projects and products to other countries of the African continent.

In terms of economic attractiveness, Gabon has many characteristics. Huge oil reserves have brought the country’s economy to third place on the continent. The government has established the cultivation of cocoa and coffee, as well as the production of palm oil and cane sugar. Also in Gabon, such expensive tree species as black, mahogany, yellow and sandalwood grow. In addition, gold mines have been found on the territory of this state, the republic is provided with gas reserves, the largest deposits of manganese and uranium ore are being successfully developed, and rubber is being actively developed.

Company registration in Gabon – Benefits

The business that is conducted in this jurisdiction has a lot of positive aspects, including:

The stable economic situation in the state;

The republic is one of the most developed and richest countries on the continent;

The huge deposits of oil, concentrated in this state, brought it to the third place in the continent in providing for its inhabitants;

Is a member of the African, Caribbean, and Pacific (ACP) organization;

Gabon has developed and is actively implementing a preferential tax regime.

Features of company registration in Gabon

Taxes are not the lowest here – the share of corporate taxation in this state is 30%. French is the official language of Gabon.

Opening a company in the state does not require its directors and shareholders to be residents of the Republic. One person can be a member of the company’s management board. To register a company and open an account in Gabon, the personal presence of the founder is not required. Our experts will help you do everything remotely.

Financial reporting is simplified as much as possible. It is enough to enter data on the assets of the company and its manager into the public register. The establishment and successful incorporation in Gabon will take an average of 3 months.

If you are interested in the registration of an enterprise in Gabon, it is paying attention that in the country there are:

  • oil reserves, thanks to which the state took 3rd place in the continent in terms of the population’s supply. However, due to the environmental impact of the oil industry;
  • gas reserves;
  • large deposits of uranium and manganese ore;
  • an abundance of valuable tropical industrial wood, including sandalwood, mahogany, black, and yellow wood;
  • there are gold mines;
  • grow coffee and cocoa, produce cane sugar and palm oil;
  • rubber is produced;
  • animal husbandry is developed.

At the same time, the jurisdiction is not fully offshore, tax breaks are in effect in free trade zones. An important aspect of registering a company in Gabon is the absence of preferences for employees of private enterprises: provision of housing, transport, and additional payments for children.

Gabon is a Central African country on the Atlantic coast. The country’s large parks and natural landscapes are protected from poaching and deforestation. The jurisdiction is bordered by Congo, Cameroon, and Equatorial Guinea. It is a member of the international organization AKT and WIPO.