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Start an E-commerce business in the United States of America

It is no secret that e-commerce companies are flourishing all over the world. By 2022, the US Ecommerce sector alone is projected to be worth $500 million. By following the proper processes, new company owners and entrepreneurs who intend to engage in this sector may rapidly start up their Ecommerce firms. How to launch a […]

Market entry to the United States of America

Direct exports, indirect exports, and partnerships and alliances are the three main categories under which traditional market entry strategies fall. Direct exports Market to and sell to the customer directly. It has benefits since it enables you to establish cheaper prices and be more competitive, provides you with close touch with your clients, and offers […]

Sales tax by state 2022

Tax experts argue that America is among the top three countries with the most confusing tax systems – along with Brazil and India. Because of the complex structure of the American government and the fact that laws have not kept pace with rapidly advancing technology, the challenges associated with taxes can be intimidating to sellers […]

Top countries with the lowest tax rates

Any businessman is looking for the best conditions for the development of business. The country’s tax policy is a key factor in starting a business. Foreign investors and businessmen view the move to Europe as a tool to reduce the fiscal burden. There are a number of countries in Europe with low tax rates. So […]

Business in the USA

Business in the USA. How to start a business if you are an immigrant You can open your business in the United States without citizenship and even without a Green Card. However, even for immigrants who have gone through a lot for their status in the United States, it is often difficult to understand the […]

List of tax haven countries

There is no generally accepted definition of a tax haven that clearly and completely describes its features and characteristics. The concept of “tax haven” is not regulated by the norms of international law and national legislation. Some international organizations have formulated fairly clear criteria for determining tax havens, as well as compiled lists of countries […]