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Are you seeking opportunities for risk-free, reliable business investments that consistently yield great returns? If so, Vanuatu is the only place to go. As one of the most business-friendly nations in the world, Vanuatu continuously provides investors with great returns and investment security.

Vanuatu investment motives

One of the nations in the globe known for welcoming investments in Vanuatu. The following are the major reasons behind it:

  • Vanuatu offers good returns on investment.
  • Vanuatu provides enticing tax breaks.
  • Vanuatu provides durability, security, and stability for investments.
  • A wide variety of investment options are available in Vanuatu.
  • Vanuatu’s economy is dynamic and expanding quickly.

Vanuatu’s economy

The economy of Vanuatu is expanding quickly, and there are now profitable and safe investment opportunities in the real estate and development sectors. There are numerous causes for businesses and people to invest in Vanuatu.

As an illustration, there are currently investment possibilities in:

  • The creation of coastal sites for the construction of luxurious homes.
  • Construction of private docks and related luxury yacht amenities.
  • The creation of facilities for elderly care and rehabilitation.
  • The construction of hotels, condominiums, and other forms of tourism lodging.
  • The construction of office buildings in the Central Business Districts of Port Vila and Bougainville.

According to the ranking index that is linked, Vanuatu is not only considered to be among the happiest countries in the world but also the most business-friendly. Vanuatu is looking for investment opportunities for the following with its technological partners:

Investment & Development in Real Estate

  • Genuine international brand real estate firms.
  • Islands and property investors for land banks.
  • Properties on the beach for the construction of luxurious homes with private yacht ports.
  • Sustainable construction of workforce housing.
  • The facility for Senior Care and Rehab proposed.
  • Expanding the golf course under the current casino and resort management.
  • Existing airports, warehouses, and commercial centers.
  • Investigation & development.
  • Travel & recreation.
  • Eco-resorts.
  • Fishing for fun.
  • Chef gurus for integrated resort hotels.

Strong returns and investment security

International businesses, as well as individual investors, have all regularly benefited from strong returns and investment security through investments in Vanuatu. Islands and real estate investors want beachfront properties for the development of opulent houses with private yacht ports. Strong returns and investment security have consistently been enjoyed by both international enterprises and private investors through investments in Vanuatu.

Vanuatu has traditionally maintained a welcoming atmosphere for trade and business. Its steadfastly liberalized policy on free enterprise, which benefits both native and foreign-owned enterprises, serves as a sign of this commitment:

Unrestricted foreign ownership

The official languages are English and French, with English being the favored language for business and contracts. Businesses are urged to grow into rural areas because they are exempt from paying VAT if their annual revenue is less than VT4 million. The government has made significant strides in the field of the corporate legal framework. In 2012, the Companies Act was approved by the Parliament, facilitating company operations. To guarantee that all businesses in Vanuatu register their business names, the Registration of Business Names Act was also modified in 2015.

Strong protection of intellectual property

Intellectual property rights are specifically covered by laws and policies put in place by the government of Vanuatu. To foster a free and equitable economic environment, the nation’s intellectual property laws have been created to the highest international standards. To learn more about their services, go to the Vanuatu intellectual property office website.

Relationships between the public and private sectors are being strengthened to improve the business climate in the nation. The leaders of the two parties are still cooperating to keep the state’s business environment hospitable for organizations and businesses of all sizes, both present, and future ones. Ongoing work is being done to draft new laws, update old ones, and propose non-fiscal and market-based initiatives including land reform and specific industrial incentives.