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In the new millennium, Timor gained its independence. As a result, the combination of technology with its rural roots holds great promise for the future of the region. There is a wealth of untapped natural resources in the country. Better politics, government spending, and increased private sector demand are all contributing to the present administration’s success in revitalizing the economy. You may try your hand at starting a business in Timor if you’re feeling very confident.

The Choices in business

For anyone interested in setting up a shop in Timor, consider the following:

Consider a career as a consultant

Consultants in the business world are experts in their field, and they offer advice to firms on how to improve performance or reach their goals. Consulting businesses bring in a lot of money. The need for consultants is expected to grow in the future years. Therefore, gaining professional recognition as a business consultant can be advantageous.

Get a food truck rolling

Successful businesses can be found all around the world, and food trucks are no exception. Essentially, this is done in the confines of a sizable van stocked with cooking appliances and supplies. For many, opening a food truck is a lifelong goal, but it’s a lot harder than it seems to get started. You’ll need a great setting and menu if you want this to be successful.

Launch a drop-shipping company

You can launch an internet retail business called “dropshipping” without having to invest in costly stock. Since the manufacturer maintains and dispatches all stock, there is no need for substantial up-front funding, and the associated risk is negligible. As a result, you still need to promote your business and provide support to your clients. Dropshipping can be a lucrative business in Timor, but only if the entrepreneur has a firm grasp on the web marketing and is dedicated to providing excellent service.

Launch a company specializing in online advertising

To increase their customer base and sales, firms hire digital marketing agencies. The fascinating nature of digital marketing may be attributed, in large part, to the fact that it is a subject that is both dynamic and accessible. Those interested in entering the digital marketing industry in Timor would do well to familiarize themselves with the field and the processes of established digital marketing organizations. The next step is to take advantage of digital marketing classes available online to hone your digital skills and propel your career forward. If you want to be noticed in the digital marketing world, you need to carve out a certain niche and market only to people who are actually interested in what you have to offer.

As an investment destination why choose Timor

Investing in Timor is wise because:

Creates change through growth

Timor is undergoing change all the time. The government is working diligently, albeit slowly, to secure the right structure for all aspects of the country’s development. Throughout the political system, the regulatory framework, and the commercial opportunities of Timor, reforms are being implemented to improve the country’s economic growth. The nation is prosperous, and its principal export of crude oil is a major reason for this. However, some locations call for the availability of amenities. Aspiring business owners are likely to invest in Timor if they want to contribute to the country’s progress.

Ecology in action

Timor is a tropical paradise thanks to its equatorial location. Therefore, the weather is pleasant and sunny for the vast majority of the year. The country has stunning mountain ranges and breathtaking coastlines. The least popular tourist destination in Southeast Asia is Timor. That being said, if you’re interested in the tourist and hospitality industries, you may always start from scratch and tailor your offerings to the specific needs of the area. More jobs for the local community increase the likelihood that the government will step in and help. Government efforts to diversify the economy have increased optimism that locals’ access to tourism-related employment will improve their standard of living. The majority of Timor’s terrain is also suitable for farming. The majority of the populace works in agriculture, with coffee, corn, and coconuts representing the top three crops.

Structure of the tax System

Multiple changes have been made to its tax system. The purpose of the most recent tax reform, enacted in 2018, is to stimulate the domestic economy. Attracting overseas investments is a primary goal of the new tax regime. Companies, both domestic and foreign, can take advantage of a ten percent corporation and income tax rate. However, the corporation income tax is only 5% if your new company will provide services. Hotels, dining establishments, and the telecom business are all examples of services. There is a sales tax of 2.5% on imported items and the practice is widespread.


Young people from low-income homes make up the bulk of the workforce. They only need basic training to be productive. The government is currently trying to increase the quality of its skilled workforce by increasing access to vocational education. If your company has an immediate need for competent workers, you may only be able to find them in the immediate area. As a result, the initial costs of launching a business are reduced.