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80% of the workforce in Sulawesi is employed in agriculture, which accounts for a third of the island’s GDP. Sulawesi’s main source of resources is agriculture. Cotton, peanuts, gum arabic, and sesame seeds are all components. Despite efforts to diversify its cash crops, the main agricultural exports of the nation continue to be cotton and peanuts. The main food crop is grain sorghum (dura), and wheat is grown for domestic use. Sulawesi has a developed infrastructure, and numerous projects are being carried out all over the nation to further develop it. Due to the wealth generated by oil production, some areas of the nation are better off than others, particularly in the northern states. By regional standards, Sulawesi’s telephone network is well-equipped and kept up to date. Sulawesi is, all things considered, a business-friendly nation.

Jobs options in Sulawesi

The following jobs are available in Sulawesi:

The industry of alteration services

The alteration services industry requires both sewing expertise and a crafty creative mind. Anyone can start an alterations business from their home with a small initial investment in capital. This company can also be run on a part-time basis. By assisting others in finding the ideal clothing, you will earn a sizable income. The demand for alterations services has increased as people’s awareness of fashion and trends has grown. No one wants to wear an ill-fitting dress in today’s society. And this is the opening where you enter. A budding entrepreneur who loves fabric, textiles, colors, and designs can start this business with very little equipment or tools.

Home-based clothing venture

You may want to consider this business if you want to start a business that you can run in your free time. This kind of business also has a lot of benefits. Starting a clothing business from home is a great option for people with family obligations who also want to make money. Therefore, the company is ideal for moms, housewives, and even students. You can run this business even if you work a 9 to 5 job. 

Tour operator business

Starting a tour guide business requires having a solid understanding of the history and culture of the area in which you will be operating. This line of work revolves around entertainingly educating a group of people about the locations. People who reside in a tourist area and possess strong communication skills can start this profitable and satisfying business.

Pet supply industry

For those who love animals, the pet store industry is ideal. individuals who are knowledgeable and skilled in retail merchandising. A successful and satisfying business is a one-stop pet shop with related services. Here, you have a choice. You can launch the company by purchasing a franchisee of a well-known brand. You are in charge of all retail management, sourcing, and marketing if you are opening your pet store. The entire net profit will be yours to enjoy. When operating a franchise, the parent company will be in charge of all operational and marketing tasks under a revenue-sharing arrangement. This business can be launched with modest startup funds.

Management advice

Big corporations, small boutique businesses, and everything in between are served by management consultants. Smaller companies frequently hire consultants for specific projects because they might not have full-time staff members on hand with the necessary expertise. Larger companies occasionally hire consultants to provide an unbiased, external perspective.

Internet marketing for search engines

The most popular internet tool for consumers to research purchases is still a search engine. Search engine optimization (SEO) specialists work very much like consultants but only in one particular field. Many retailers lack employees with SEO knowledge to aid in their online positioning. A company that fills this need may also offer web design and social media campaign strategies. 

Public relations specialist

Another specialized field with a high demand for consultants is public relations. Large companies amid a crisis or scandal frequently employ external PR consultants who have no connection to the crisis or scandal at hand. In these situations, the task typically entails coming up with plans to get through the most challenging period right after the problem becomes widely known. Some businesses hire PR consultants purely to assist in coming up with fresh ideas or improving their public image.

Home inspection

Real estate buyers can receive thorough, unbiased inspections of homes up for sale from home inspectors. Before any real estate transaction can be finalized, inspections are a standard procedure that is required and, even when they are not, are strongly advised.