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Samoa is an island country in the Pacific Ocean’s Polynesian area. It is close to the well-developed markets of Australia and New Zealand, which means that Samoa has many business options. The official languages are English and Samoan, and English is commonly used in business. Agriculture, tourism, and fishing drive the local economy, which is supported by a well-developed transportation system (including air and shipping services). Its telecommunications infrastructure is likewise quite advanced, making doing business possible. For foreign investors and businesspeople, establishing an offshore corporation might be simple. International corporations, international trusts, international banks, international partnerships, segregated fund international firms, international insurance companies, special purpose international companies, and international mutual funds form a strong network in the country. 

Job options in Samoa

The job options available  in samosa are:

Work as a virtual assistant

Virtual assistants provide administrative support to corporations, teams, and people by executing administrative work remotely. As more organizations outsource their jobs, the need for virtual assistants is increasing significantly. Being a virtual assistant gives you the freedom to choose your work schedule and location. Many virtual assistants have a dedicated home office where they may operate in peace.

Begin a mobile photography business

Do you want to establish your own photography company? You’re not by yourself. It’s never been easier to start making money behind the camera, thanks to the advent of social networking and photo-sharing, blogging, and internet commerce. Some photographers shoot weddings, create images for advertising campaigns, freelance for magazines, travel the world, and photograph destinations. To begin mobile photography, first, analyze your target audience and choose which specialist area will be most profitable. Invest in high-quality professional cameras and lenses, as well as a computer with photo-editing software.

Start a food truck business

Food trucks are a lucrative business that provides consumers with a variety of dining options from a mobile vehicle. This takes place within a huge vehicle that is outfitted with a kitchen and food products. Many individuals want to start a food truck, but it’s not always as simple as it appears. To make it work, you must have the appropriate location and menu. To start a food truck business in a specific city, it is necessary to research what kind of food trucks are already in operation, discover a gap, and bring in some unique experiences. With the appropriate idea and attitude, you can be well on your way to establishing your food truck empire.

Start a language translation business

Language translation services assist firms to reach a wider audience outside of a single language by bridging linguistic obstacles. A language translation career allows you to learn about a variety of topics and meet individuals from many cultures. To become a language translator in Samoa, learn a second language, and get experience to become fluent in it.

Samoa’s business taxation

Income tax, withholding tax, capital gains tax, and Pay As You Earn tax are all types of taxes. Samoa’s corporate tax rate is 27%. However, offshore firms are only taxed at 27% of taxable income received. This provides a significant tax break for multinational enterprises operating outside of Samoa’s borders. However, if a foreign company’s debt exceeds three times its equity, it cannot claim a deduction for interest on the extra indebtedness. Businesses should pay close attention to account balances.

Interest on bank deposits is subject to a 15% withholding tax, and any profits made from selling the asset within three years of acquisition are subject to a 27% capital gains tax. Businesses are also required to pay the Pay As You Earn tax to the Ministry of Revenue by deducting it from their employees’ wages.

Samoa’s common prerequisites for launching a business

Various offices regulate businesses in Samoa, depending on the type of firm. Business owners must do their studies and comply with the criteria of these offices. The following are some of the most typical licenses or certificates required when starting a business in Samoa.

Workers’ compensation

This is for businesses with three or more employees. Also, for conducting business in Samoa in risky conditions.

Land use permit

A land use permit and/or a zoning variance are required to construct, extend, or rebuild a structure.

Alcoholic beverage license

Required for the sale of beer or alcoholic beverages.

Health permit

Required for restaurants or similar food facilities, barber shops or beauty salons, or any Samoan business dealing with food and drink in general.

Certificate of convenience

for commercial transportation enterprises.

Samoan entrepreneurship

The application form is ASG Form ADMIN-41, which is made publicly available by the Department of Commerce (hereafter “DoC”). Businesses that want to establish a business in Samoa must apply at the DoC office. The Department of Commerce will review the application and assist with other regulatory requirements (in both English and Samoan). The application is subsequently forwarded to the Treasury for license fee collection and issuance. The original application will be returned to DoC once payment is received. The DoC then sends a copy to all relevant offices with regulatory control over or fiscal interests in Samoan enterprises. These offices verify that the enterprises under their authority follow the law. Companies must then get all essential papers to receive their business license.