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Peru is among the fastest-growing industries in Latin America over the past 10 years, making it one of the continent’s most significant nations. Since 2002, Peru’s GDP has expanded by a mean of 6.4 percent annually, and in 2023 it is expected to continue to develop thanks to foreign trade. 

The five opportunities listed below are for foreigners wishing to do business in Peru.

IT business 

Although connecting rural regions and digital platforms has proven challenging due to its mountainous topography, the nation has discovered several solutions to this issue with the aid of international investment. For instance, the mobile phone market has had rapid growth over the past ten years, with increasing international participation each year, and currently has a penetration depth of about 60%. It implies that establishing an IT or e-commerce company in the nation could result in significant financial gain.

Exporting business

Peru has seen significant growth in its exporting of commodities in recent years. It has recently concluded several trade accords with major and medium-sized economies to bolster its international exchange of goods and services. These trade treaties, along with the accessibility of the Peruvian market, have made it possible for more goods and businesses to be exported. These contracts strengthen security for property rights, employees, and the environment while offering investors a safe and predictable legal framework. Opening an export company entails secure and lucrative investment.

Mining sector

Peru is one of the top nations for producing gold, tin, copper, zinc, silver, and copper. Its mining, manufacturing, and assistance industries are well-established. As a result, It offers a wide variety of mining business options. 

Peru’s economy is based mostly on mining, which is accessible to foreign capital. Surface land may be owned by private individuals, but subterranean land and natural assets are only to be owned by the state. Irreversible mining licenses can be purchased by private entities and passed to other private entities.

A real estate firm 

An estate agency is a wonderful business proposition for you because Peru’s housing market is expanding. You can link sellers and buyers digitally through your site and earn a commission. On the other hand, you can open an office, meet the customers and sellers, and establish direct contact with them. Personal ties and effective branding are required in both situations.

Clothing Store 

Peruvians are quite stylish. A clothing store might therefore make you a large profit. You can open a store in a crowded area and sell clothing for people of all ages. You should also consider opening an online site for your brand as well. Your clothing store will benefit greatly from careful planning, effective promotion, and public relations.

Start a restaurant 

Starting an eatery is a profitable venture in the country. Pick a decent location and have tasteful decor. It’s also a wonderful idea to serve seafood. Pay special attention to the food’s quality as well as the environment’s sanitation. Publicity and advertising are crucial for the expansion of your eatery.

Launch a salon 

The Peruvian salon industry is quite profitable. Consider a unisex clinic to draw in more customers and increase your revenue. Choose a nice site and generate extensive publicity. You’ll need skilled stylists and beauticians, as well as beauty items from well-known brands, to run a successful salon.


The demand for elder care has grown as a result of Peru’s rising economy. Utilizing this need, you might want to think about starting an elderly care business. You can operate as a caretaker and look after senior citizens. If not, you may establish a caregiving agency and deploy nurses to homes that require them. For this firm, you will need both effective internet and offline promotion.

Pet care 

Peruvians adore animals, and this affection is growing. As a result of the lack of time that people have to look for their canines, you can establish an animal care center in Peru. The pet care industry has several different channels. You may open a firm that employs pet caretakers or operates as one yourself. Otherwise, you might create your own pet-care business by looking after multiple animals and earning more money. Offering dog walking or running facilities is another profitable venture for you.