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When it comes to doing business in Indonesia, Lombok has become more and more of a good alternative for foreigners aside from Bali. Located in the west of Sumbawa and the east of Bali (40km away), the island is known for its magnificent landscape, tranquil ambiance, lower price, and of course the boom of tourism. Now, Lombok is one of the world’s top tourist destinations that attract millions of visitors every year, with one million of them being international tourists. Just less than a year after the destructive earthquakes in 2018, Lombok has already gained back 90% of its tourism activities and operations including islands Gili Meno, Gili Air, and Gili Trawangan. Therefore, job opportunities are bound to surge with the recovery. In addition, the government of Lombok’s efforts to construct more complete infrastructures and the island’s new international airport has created a promising potential that will encourage more foreigners to investigate economic opportunities in this region.

Using an Indonesian business visa to explore Lombok

A job visa might assist you in the following ways for craft opportunities in Lombok:

To get opportunities for business in Lombok

Foreigners can now take advantage of their resources and generate income thanks to Lombok’s growing tourism industry. You might explore the following lucrative job options in Lombok:

  • Lodgings like hotels, guesthouses, and villas.
  • Real estate and possessions.
  • Excursions and outdoor pursuits.
  • Supper clubs and bars.

An Indonesian employment pass, particularly the multiple entry employment visa type 212, can be a suitable alternative if you need to determine what business prospects are available in this country and what kind of company formation is best for your endeavor.

The one-year-long permits repeated visits to Indonesia. A maximum of 60 days may be spent in the nation during each visit. The main benefit of visa type 212 is that it allows for limitless visits to Indonesia without the need to renew or apply for a new visa.

How to apply for an Indonesian business visa

You need a telex and a legally established organization to sponsor you to receive an employment visa for Indonesia. 

Indonesian requirements for business visa number 212

The following are the requirements needed:

A copy of your bank statement

A replica of your foreign bank statement, on which at least US$1,500 should be reflected.

A copy of your passport

A copy of your passport is required to obtain a business visa from the Indonesian embassy in your country of residence.

A return airplane ticket

A return airplane ticket demonstrating your intention to depart Indonesia after 60 days.

Options for setting up a transportation company in Lombok

Foreign investors in Indonesia have access to a variety of corporate entity kinds. Each of these choices has specific prerequisites:

Foreign-owned business (PT PMA)

The only business structure that allows foreign nationals to possess 100% of the company is a foreign-owned one. The maximum amount of foreign ownership, however, will vary depending on the business sectors or activities you engage in. All limitations on complete foreign ownership are listed on the Negative Investment List.

Locally owned business (PT)

A locally held firm, as opposed to a PT PMA, enables foreigners to conduct business in this country without numerous limitations thanks to a special-purpose vehicle setup. Through the use of a special-purpose vehicle, you will have complete local ownership.

Reprographic Office

Before establishing a PT PMA, a foreign parent business will often establish a representative office in Lombok as part of its strategy to join the market in the nation. A representative office may solely be in charge of the parent company’s non-profit endeavors, including marketing initiatives, public relations campaigns, and market analysis.

Using an Indonesian visa, explore Lombok.