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Office buildings, retail establishments, and industrial warehouses are the most sought-after kinds of assets in Bulgarian commercial real estate. As the nation’s economy expands and international investment rises, these homes are in great demand. The primary center for this market in Bulgaria is the capital city of Sofia, where a large selection of properties is offered for sale or rent. Commercial real estate markets are active in many other large cities, including Plovdiv and Varna. The location and kind of property affect the price of commercial real estate in Bulgaria. Prices are often cheaper than in other European nations, attracting investors who are looking for a place to invest.

How to launch a real estate company

To start a commercial real estate company in Bulgaria, follow these steps:

Obtain the relevant credentials and licenses

First and foremost, a license is required to work as a real estate agent in Bulgaria. Having worked as a property manager or agent’s representative for one or two years before getting license counts as industry experience, which you’ll also require. Additionally, you must demonstrate that you are qualified to possess a license, which normally entails a police check and may even include providing documentation of your financial situation.

Plan your business

A business strategy is usually advised before beginning any new endeavor. Whether you want to establish a real estate company or sell handcrafted goods at a market, you need to map out the risks, the expenses, the projected revenue, your pricing structure, what you’ll need to get started, and a lot more. Everything should be taken into account in your strategy, including the instruments you’ll use for billing clients. A solid business plan paints a clear picture of your company’s viability and prospects, making it an excellent tool for keeping you on course. A business plan, however, should be more than simply a personal “to-do list” if you want to get funding from lenders or investors. The financial portion of your business plan is crucial since potential investors will want to know that you’ve done your homework and made appropriate plans.

Carry out market analysis

Market research is a continuous activity that most firms engage in during their whole existence. You may boost your income or market share by doing market research to identify opportunities, areas that need development, and other factors. However, early research is crucial to determine if your business is viable. You’ll look at your target market through market research. You’ll take into account how many rivals are providing identical services. What distinguishes your company from the competition? What would persuade them to choose your company over more seasoned firms? You may use market research to get all the information you need to decide whether or not your firm is feasible.

Set up your funds

Starting a company requires money, and the real estate industry is no different. To fund the setup, you can think about getting a business loan, looking for outside investors, forming a partnership, or using one of the numerous other methods. To get financial investment from banks, lenders, or investors, you must offer your business plan to them.

Select the most appropriate legal entity

In Bulgaria, you may utilize a variety of business structures, and each has advantages and disadvantages. Theoretically, you might launch your company as a single proprietor, in which case all of your business and personal earnings and outlays would be reported on your tax return. However, you may need to form a business if you need funding or investors. As a result, if anything goes wrong, you are not held personally accountable. Another benefit of forming a company is to separate your legal obligations from those of the firm. However, there are extra requirements in terms of compliance and taxes that you must meet. In contrast, a partnership could also be effective if you’re starting a firm with someone else. Before taking this route, it is important to extensively examine the various kinds of partnerships.

Obtain commercial insurance

If you’ve never done it before, it may be challenging to understand the insurance aspect of owning a company. You can need many different forms of insurance for your real estate firm, including:

  • Professional recompense
  • Internet crime
  • Public responsibility
  • Managing responsibility
  • Employee compensation
  • Commercial Insurance

Create a marketing strategy

Understanding how to launch a business is one thing; properly marketing it is quite another. Again, some of your marketing selections will be influenced by your market research, but it’s important to consider all of your possibilities. All kinds of activities are included in marketing strategies, such as:

  • Social media
  • SEO (search engine optimization)
  • PPC (pay-per-click) marketing
  • Signage
  • Brochures
  • Radio and TV commercials
  • Video advertising
  • Cold-calling
  • Email advertising

Although not all-inclusive, this list demonstrates all the options you have to draw in your audience. Think about how much of your marketing you can automate or outsource, like email marketing.

Create a website

Because it’s one of the finest tools you have to entice prospective sellers and spark interest from buyers, your website will be essential for your real estate firm.