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The Eastern European nation of Belarus is bordered to the east by Russia, to the north by Latvia, to the west by Poland, and to the south by Ukraine. Its economy is advanced, and its property firm market is expanding. Office buildings, shopping malls, industrial assets, and warehouses are all part of Belarus’s industry. The country’s property industry is centered in the capital city of Minsk, which has a large number of contemporary office buildings and retail malls. Property markets are also well-developed in other large cities like Grodno and Gomel.

Belarusian commercial real estate

A variety of reasons influence the demand for property business, including the nation’s expanding economy, its advantageous position as a hub for travel between Europe and Asia, and its comparatively cheap cost of living in comparison to other European nations. Property business is appealing to a lot of international investors, and the government has taken steps to promote foreign investment in the industry. For instance, the government has created special economic zones that provide firms with tax exemptions and other incentives in strategic places around the nation.

Commercial real estate law

There are several federal, state, and municipal rules and regulations that apply to property law in Belarus. Several important factors for Belarusian property deals include:

Property ownership and transfer

For the ownership and transfer of property, Belarus has a well-developed system that includes the registration of property rights and the execution of purchase and sale agreements.


The Civil Code and the Law on Lease of Property leases in Belarus. There are two types of leases: fixed-term and perpetual.


Many taxes apply, including property taxes, value added taxes (VAT), and income taxes. To make sure you comply, it is crucial to grasp the relevant tax laws and rules.

Land use and zoning

Land use is governed by rules and regulations, including zoning laws that specify how land may be utilized. Any property company you buy should be appropriately designated for the purpose for which you want to utilize it.

Environmental laws

Environmental protection is governed by rules and regulations in Belarus, some of which may affect how the company is developed or used.

Establishment of a commercial real estate company in Belarus

Starting a property company in Belarus entails several considerations and actions. You may wish to follow the general procedures listed below:

Study the market

It is critical to comprehend the local Belarusian property industry, including the demand for various property kinds and potential rivalry.

Develop a business plan

You may determine your objectives, target market, and financial predictions with the aid of a thorough business plan. It may also be used as a commercial road map.

Select a legal form

Choose your firm’s legal form, such as a partnership, limited liability corporation, or single proprietorship. To decide which course of action is best for your company, consult a lawyer.

Obtain the appropriate authorizations and licenses

To run a property firm in Belarus, you’ll need to get the required licenses and permissions. A company license,  license, and any other licenses needed by the local government may fall under this category.

Develop a marketing plan

Create a marketing strategy to advertise your company and draw in customers. This might include creating a website, networking, and advertising.

Locate and buy properties

Choose potential properties to buy, then haggle over the price. To find and buy properties, you might want to work with a local real estate agent.

Manage your properties

To keep your properties well-maintained and profitable once you’ve bought them, you’ll need to manage them skillfully. This can include doing things like leasing the properties, collecting the rent, and taking care of any repairs or upkeep.