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For companies wishing to expand into the Caribbean, Navassa Island is the perfect place. Firms of all sorts can prosper here thanks to its advantageous location, first-rate amenities, and dynamic business environment.

On Navassa Island, business conditions are very good. A low corporation duty level, as well as a variety of rebates, are advantageous to enterprises. The island also functions as a free trade zone, so items can be imported and exported without being subject to taxes. This makes it simpler for companies to enter this industry and broaden their reach. The following are the ways to approach this vibrant industry and benefit from its financial and economic upsides.

Greenfield investments 

The Greenfield investment method is a popular and effective way for businesses to enter new sectors. It involves setting up a wholly-owned subsidiary in a foreign country and investing in the local economy. This method is attractive to many businesses because it allows them to have complete control over their investments and operations in a foreign market. Additionally, this method allows businesses to benefit from the local infrastructure and resources. 


Outsourcing is a powerful strategy for breaking into a market and has several benefits for companies. It is a tactic that entails hiring outside companies to carry out tasks that would often be done internally. This strategy can assist businesses in lowering expenses, gaining access to specialist knowledge, and improving efficiency. 

Companies looking to expand into other sectors may find outsourcing to be advantageous. They can rapidly and affordably get the resources they require to compete in the market. Additionally, it gives them access to the specific knowledge they might not otherwise have, such as site design or linguistic interpretation services.


The licensing method is a reliable and cost-effective way to enter a new market. This method allows companies to access a new industry without incurring the high costs associated with setting up a physical presence. It also allows companies to benefit from the existing infrastructure and resources of the licensee, such as the local sector knowledge and distribution channels.

The licensing method is a great way to gain access to a fresh economy without taking on the risks associated with setting up a physical presence. Enterprises can benefit from the existing infrastructure and resources of the licensee, such as the local sector knowledge and distribution channels. This method also allows corporations to take advantage of the licensee’s existing customer base, which can help to reduce the cost of promoting and advertising.


Countertrade is an increasingly popular method of entry for businesses of all sizes. It is an effective way of mitigating the risks of entering a new economy, while also providing a unique opportunity to increase profits and expand operations. As a result, it is an attractive option for companies looking to enter new areas.

Countertrade is a type of barter system that allows companies to exchange goods or services for other goods or services. It is a form of international trade that is especially attractive to companies that are unable to access traditional forms of finance. By exchanging goods or services with a partner in a foreign market, companies can avoid the risks associated with foreign exchange and currency fluctuations. This can be especially beneficial for companies that are new to a market, as they can avoid the risks of investing in a currency they are unfamiliar with.


This method involves leveraging the resources and knowledge of an existing company in the target market to gain a foothold in the industry. By forming a strategic alliance with an established company, businesses can benefit from their partner’s existing relationships, sales channels, and customer base.

The Piggybacking method for market entry has many advantages. This approach allows businesses to enter a new market without having to invest in costly infrastructure or sales channels. Additionally, it reduces the risk, as the business can learn from its partner’s experience and avoid common mistakes. Finally, the business can benefit from its partner’s existing customer base, as it can use the partner’s reputation to attract new customers.


The turnkey method for market entry involves the use of a third-party provider who will provide the necessary services to get a business up and running. This includes setting up the necessary infrastructure, such as a website, publicizing materials, and customer service support. The provider will also provide the necessary resources to ensure the business is compliant with local laws and regulations. This allows businesses to focus on their core competencies while the provider handles the rest.

Overall, the turnkey method is an excellent way for businesses to quickly and easily gain access. It is a cost-effective solution that allows businesses to quickly and easily establish a presence in a new market without having to go through a lengthy process.